Easily make stunning 4K 360 videos with YI 360 VR Camera

YI 360 VR Camera

YI 360 VR Camera

Create really stunning 5.7K videos with Yi 360 VR Camera. Yi has Ambarella H2V95 chipset and two Sony IMX377 image sensors, one lens on front and one on the backside of camera, each of these two captures video in 220 degrees. The two videos are then stitched to produce a stunning video with 5.7K resolution . Yi captures 5.7K videos when you want and it automatically switches to 4K when needed. You can also instantly live stream to Facebook or YouTube with Yi 360 VR Camera, this will let your followers see what you are seeing in real time.

YI 360 VR Camera

Moreover, with the help of street view app you can share your panoramic images to the world. This camera is not like others, it uses in-camera stitching instead of external software to produce stunning and immersive 360 degree videos in 4K resolution at 30 fps.


The design of this camera is ergonomic so you will be able to hold it easily. Also , it weights only 6 ounces so it is lightweight and because of its small size you can take it anywhere with you. Additionally, navigating in camera is very simple and with one touch you can start recording. Also, it has OLED display which is excellent to see your videos in their true color.

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YI 360 VR Camera


Yi also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. You can connect your smartphone with Yi camera and you can use Yi app to control the camera. Yi camera can sit slat on any surface although it also has tripod socket at the bottom. There is a USB-C port and a micro SD slot in the camera. Its battery is removable and can last for 45 minutes and 1 hour on 5.7K and 4K mode respectively.

Overall, its a great 360 camera which produces stunning 5.7K videos and 360 degree videos at 4K resolution. However in-camera stitching is limited to 4K. It is the least expensive 360 camera. However it is not waterproof so if you drop in the water by mistake then you better leave it there.

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