What are backlinks

Backlinks- Meaning, Types and Amazing ways to Gain Them

What is a backlink?

What are backlinks

Whenever your site’s URL appears on another site, that URL will become a backlink to your site. By that I mean whenever any other site shares the pages of your site then it will create backlinks

The more sites share your articles, the more backlinks you will get. Backlinks help improve your site’s ranking, so create as many backlinks as possible.

What is an example of a backlink?

Suppose you have a site on which very good articles are available, now I like some of those articles and I want to share them.

Now to share them, if I put the URL of those articles on my site, then they will become backlinks from my side for your site.

Backlinks mean to recommend. If my site has links to your site, then it means that I am recommending your site to people.

It means that I am telling people who come to my site that your site is also good and those people can find good articles on your site too.

If my site is famous and I linked your site then it will greatly benefit your site. This will increase the value of your site in the eyes of Google and will improve the rank of your site.

The opposite will happen when my site will not be famous at all and will be of low quality.

Getting backlinks from low-quality sites will lower your site’s value down and it will harm your rank.

Therefore, the more quality sites you can create backlinks from, the more you will benefit from it.

Types of backlinks

There are 2 types of backlinks and you have to see what kind of backlinks you need to create and what kind of backlinks you don’t need.

Types of backlinks.

Good backlinks

Bad backlinks

Good backlinks

Good backlinks include backlinks that are good for your site and that helps in increasing your site’s rank. These are the kind of backlinks you need to create as much as possible.

The backlinks that are created naturally to your site are included within the good backlinks.

When backlinks are created naturally?

When someone comes to your site and they see your article and if they like your article and they share your articles on their site or put the URL of your site in their article, then that is a backlink for your site.

Such backlinks are created automatically and you do not even know about them.

Naturally created backlinks are the most helpful in increasing the value of your site.

If you want such backlinks that are automatically created, then for this you will have to write articles of high quality.

You need to write articles that will impress people and force them to share those articles.

When your articles are shared more then it will increase your reputation.

What you can do to increase good backlinks.

1. You have to write high-quality content which will be shared by more and more people.

2. You can find sites that are related to your sites and working together with their owners you can create a backlink for each other’s sites.

If 2 sites are related to each other then they can do link exchange and create backlinks for each other.

3. You can also create good backlinks with the help of guest posting. Guest posting is not as effective nowadays as it was before.

Earlier, people used to create backlinks only through guest posting, nowadays Google does not give much value to the backlinks that are created with the help of guest posting.

But still, guest posting is a good way to improve the rank of your site and increase the value of the site.

If you want to write a guest post, then make such posts that give useful information to the people.

More people will come to your site when you provide useful information.

Make each article unique while doing guest posting. It is necessary to create a separate and unique guest post for every other site.

By doing guest posting, you can improve the rank of your site very quickly.

There is another way you can create backlinks for your site and that is to submit your posts in niche directories.

You can submit your articles in the niche directories and improve the rank of your site.

Niche directories are different from general directories. In general directories, you will find all types of articles, but in niche directories articles related to a specific niche can be found.

Backlinks from niche directories have a higher value and these backlinks increase the value of your site.

Famous niche directories where you can submit your posts.


All Business Now

Better Business Bureau


Pick N Buy


Yellow Pages.com


Seek On

Best of the Web


Health Fitness Nutrition

Medline Plus

Bad backlinks.

Backlinks are of two types, either good or bad. I have told you about good backlinks, now let’s talk about bad backlinks.

Bad backlinks are those which are not good for your site and if you create such backlinks the there is a great chance the Google will penalize your site.

Bad backlinks are dangerous for your site. Such backlinks can also decrease your site’s rank. You have to stay away from such backlinks.

What is included in Bad Backlinks?

1. These include backlinks that are created by general directories.

Backlinks coming from general directories are not good in the eyes of Google, so you do not have to create such backlinks.

2. Backlinks from the comments section of the sites are also bad in the eyes of Google.

If you continuously copy-paste the same comment on different sites, then that comment is considered spam and doing so is not good in the eyes of Google.

So going to other sites and posting comments will not help you. Doing this will only waste your time.

3. Paid links are also dangerous for your site.

The sites that sell paid links are not considered good by Google and if you buy links from such sites, then you will also become bad in the eyes of Google.

And then your reputation which is already low will reduce even more.

4. Headers, footers and sidebar links also do nothing to increase the rank of your site. So remove them from your site.

5. If natural backlinks come to your site but those backlinks come from irrelevant sites, then such backlinks are also not considered good in the eyes of Google.

If your site is about food and you get a backlink from a site related to tech, then such backlink is of no use to you because there is no connection between your site and the site which provides a backlink.

It will be beneficial for you to reduce such backlinks.

6. If your site has backlinks from a low-quality site then it is also not good for you. So you have to reduce such backlinks too.

Some tips for creating good backlinks

1. Content is the king of SEO, so if you create high-quality content, you can rule SEO. Make articles of high quality and make as many as you can.

2. Guest posting should be done carefully and guest posting should be done only on the relevant sites.

High-quality posts should be made while doing guest posting.

3. There is no use of creating links by commenting. This will only waste your time.

4. Stay away from paid links as much as you can.

Difference between Good quality backlinks and Bad quality backlinks

Difference between good quality and bad quality backlinks

How do you get backlinks?

100 Amazing Ways to get backlinks.

-Write such articles which people will want to share.

– Share your article on social media yourself

– Put your own site on social bookmarking websites

– Create guest blog posts.

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What Makes A Backlink A High-Quality Backlink?

High-quality backlinks are those which

– Comes from famous sites.

– Comes from the relevant sites.

– Come from sites that have a good rank on Google.

– Comes from such sites which are visited by millions of people every day.

Do backlinks work?

Yes, backlinks work. Backlinks greatly help improve your site’s rank.

If a lot of good sites link to your site, it means that many good sites refer to your site.

This will make your site look good in the eyes of Google and it will change your rank very well.

How many backlinks per day is safe?

100 to 200 backlinks is safe to create per day.

What is toxic backlink?

Toxic backlinks are links that are found through spam sites. If the spam sites link to your site then those backlinks will be called toxic because these backlinks will spoil the SEO of your site. You do not need such backlinks. So stay away from such backlinks.

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Can you have too many backlinks?

You can make as many backlinks as you like but only make high-quality backlinks. Creating low-quality backlinks will damage the site.

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How many backlinks do you need to rank?

If you want good rank on Google, then you need a minimum 100 high-quality backlinks. You can gain high-quality backlinks only by writing high-quality articles.

How to remove backlinks from Google?

Here are 4 steps to remove bad backlinks for your website:

– Identify bad backlinks to your site

– Find contact details of sites that provide those bad links.

– Ask the owners of those sites to remove those links.

– After the links are removed, have Google re-index your site.

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