Watch Dogs 2 takes hacking to a new level

Watch Dogs 2 is an open world, action- adventure game with the main focus on hacking. It is the sequel of watch dogs game which was a good game but missing some good features. In this game, you play as Marcus Holloway, a funny person and a brilliant hacker. The open world of watch dogs 2 represents San Francisco. San Francisco is bigger than Chicago (the world of watch dogs) and feels more alive. Watch dogs 2 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Watch dogs 2 was released on 15 November 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Watch dogs 2


Watch dogs 2 has a fantastic story, it is entertaining. The story is of Marcus Holloway, a young and brilliant hacker who is framed for a crime which he did not do. He came to know that Blume company is responsible for this. Blume controls every technology of San Francisco with its CTOS 2.0 surveillance system and gathers and manipulate information of people. It also sells personal information of people to other major companies.

All this makes Marcus hate Blume. He joins a hacker community called Dedsec. With the help of Dedsec members, he gains people trust and show the true identity of Blume to people. The only objective of Dedsec is to bring those companies down which uses private information of people for their own profit. The main role in the game is of Marcus, he is the one who uses his hacking skills to hack and steal things and documents from different companies’ offices.

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Watch dogs 2


Watch dogs 2 is played from a third-person perspective. In watch dogs 2 you are a hacker so you can control every technology around you such as other phones, cars, cameras, door locks. You will get different missions from HQ of Dedsec and you have to use your hacking skills to complete missions. Missions can be completed in many ways, such as stealth, gun fighting, using technology to distract enemies and then taking them down.

Aside from missions, you will also complete many quests. San Francisco looks more alive and realistic. It is also 3 times bigger than Chicago which means that there will be many different places which you can visit. San Francisco has many areas which are completely different from each other.

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Watch dogs 2


What I most like about watch dogs 2 is that there is a 3d printer at your base. With this printer, you can make anything from tools and toys to guns. You can make different types of guns. Some of which are- stun gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, SMG etc. Your strongest weapon is stun gun. With stun gun, you can silently knockout anyone in just one shot. Aside from guns, you can also use a melee weapon to knock others out. It is a simple but powerful weapon. Parkour can be used to cross small obstacles and to travel. To travel, you can also use cars and you can unlock cars by hacking them. You can also control other vehicles to subdue enemies.

Watch dogs 2

The open world of watch dogs 2 is unlocked from the beginning so you can travel to any part of San Francisco. To help you in missions, there are some new tools which are a laptop, an RC jumper and a quadcopter. RC jumper can go anywhere without detection and its robotic hand allows to pick things. The quadcopter is very useful when you don’t know where are your enemies. Just release it and it will show you the enemies.

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Things which make Watch dogs 2 better than Watch dogs:

Watch dogs 2

1. Driving is far better in Watch dogs 2.

2. Areas will be different from each other. San Francisco will be more alive and full of life because each area will have its unique flavour and identity.

3. New Parkour makes the player much more nimble, agile and athletic.

4. San Francisco is larger than Chicago so map in Watch dogs 2 is 2 or 3 times bigger than the map of Watch dogs.

5. There will be no more towers needed to be hacked to unlock an area. The whole world is open and roamable from the beginning.

6. No more boring and repetitive AR games.

7. No single hero – you will collaborate with fellow Dedsec members on different missions so you won’t be alone when things get dirty.

8. Hacking system is upgraded and improved so you will be able to hack more technology devices.

9. There will be new items to use in a mission such as RC jumper, quadcopter, laptop.

10. You will also have a badass melee weapon to stun or knock your enemies. It is a ball attached to a bungee rope which you can swing at your enemies.

11. You will be able to complete missions without killing anyone by using Taser. Just shoot and stun.

12. Stealth is greatly focused so you can complete missions by going silently.

13. Deeper and more complex skill tree will help players upgrade their abilities in accordance with their own playstyle.

14. Side missions will help in progressing through narrative. These will be Dedsec operations which you need to complete in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

Difficulty and duration

Watch dogs 2 is based on hacking so you need to hack other devices to distract enemies and complete missions. It will give you a good playtime when you analyse your environment and then choosing a way to eliminate enemies. Watch dogs 2 will take about 22 hours to finish.

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