Top 3 Fast Wireless Charging Power Banks you need to check

Hello guys, this time I want you to see 3 fast charging power banks which are versatile, sleek, compact, portable and unique. They support different devices. One of them even support MacBooks. These are made from high quality materials so you can feel safe while using them. Check them out.

IRISX Rapid Charging Power Bank

IRISX Rapid Charging Power BankIRISX Rapid Charging Power BankIRISX Rapid Charging Power Bank

If you want a power bank which can quickly charge all your devices then this is the best for you. IRISX is made with brushed aviation aluminium alloy which gives it a modern, sleek and unique look. It has capacity of 10000 mAh and uses advanced graphene technology to fully charge your smartphone in just 8 minutes.

It does not require being plugged for 6 hours to get fully charged instead it can charge itself in just 30 minutes. Also IRISX offer Qualcomm 3.0 USB and 3A as fast output options. Additionally, it is so small that it can fit into your pocket and you can choose from four colors in which it comes.

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PURIDEA Pro X Wireless Fast Charging Power Bank


An elegant and durable power bank, thanks to aircraft grade aluminium and PU leather, PURIDEA PRO X can quickly charge up to 4 devices. It has capacity of 15000mAh and it can charge devices either with USB-C or wirelessly. It even support MacBooks. Just put the device on it to charge your device wirelessly. This power bank is safe because it provide protection from temperature, short circuit, over voltage, over current etc.

Also, it has an intelligent digital display screen which shows you how much power is remaining on the push of a button. So it is pretty much a powerful, versatile and smart power bank which can wireless fast charge all your devices.

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YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank

YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power BankYOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank

This is another wireless charger but it has the capacity of 10,000 mAh and it also comes in 16,000mAh version. YOOLOX offers wireless charging and it also has USB-C and USB-A output. It can charge your iPhones two times faster and your android smartphones 4 times faster with Power Delivery 3.0. Also, it offers charge through function which means your device and power bank will charge at the same time.

Additionally it has suction pads to keep hold of your devices and it can charge 3 different devices at the same time. So this power bank comes in two versions to meet your charging need and it is versatile because it supports 3 types of charging.

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