The Best Website Builder which Ranks on Top

What is a website builder?

If you want to have a website on the Internet, with the help of which you can sell your products to people or you want to create a website just for fun, then the tool you need to make a website is called a website builder.

The website builder is one thing with the help of which you can create your favourite website. With its help, you can create the kind of site you desire.

What kind of website can you create with the help of a website builder?

If you want, you can make your website an online store.

If you want to create a news website, then you can make that too.

You can also create a website that provides a service to the people.

If you want to create a photography site, then you can create that too.

You can also create a site like youtube.

You can create many more other types of websites by using the website builder.

Now let’s talk about what are the features of a good website builder. Now, I will tell you how to choose a good website builder, then later I will tell you which is the best website builder is the world.

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Features of a good website builder

1. Cost

Whenever we want to buy something, we first look at its cost. Because the cost of a product reduces the number of alternatives to half.

The lower the cost of a website builder, the better it is for us. Usually, the cost of building a website is less, but many companies provide this service at a very high price.

2. Ease of use

When we want to choose a website builder, we also see how easy it is to use it. If a website builder is not easy to use then only money will be wasted by buying it. Also, you will waste your time by watching videos to learn how to use it. You have to choose a website builder which is cheap and which is also easy to use.

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3. Availability of themes

You also have to see whether the website builder provides the themes or not. If a website builder is cheap but does not provide different themes then there is no profit in using such a website builder.

You need to find a website builder that provides different themes and allows you to easily change themes. There are very few website builders in the market that provide different themes.

4.  Availability of plugins

You will also have to see whether or not a website builder provides plugins. Plugins are tools with which we can make our site better.

By using them, we can control our site easily. With the help of plugins, we can do technical work easily.

Choose a website builder which provides you with lots of plugins. When you have a lot of plugins available, you can improve your site by using any of them.

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5. Freedom of customization

A website builder should be such that with the help of which we can make our website the way we want. There should be a website builder that allows us to customize our website.

Customization means that we can change the layout, theme, structure, fonts, text size, text colour, logo etc. of our site.

All these above features should be present in a website builder. Because with the help of these features a person can create his site and can run that site comfortably.

Now I will talk about how many website builders are there in the market and which one is the best among them.

Below I write down the names of all the website builders, after which I will tell which is the best website builder and why.

-Constant Contact Website Builder


-Gator by HostGator







-GoDaddy Website Builder

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The Best Website Builder

These are all the website builders mentioned above, but there is only one of them which is the best and that is To know why it is the best, we will look at its pros and cons.



1. It is the only website builder which is completely free. It is free but to create a site on it you have to buy a domain name and to put that site on the Internet, you have to buy a web hosting service.

The total cost to build a site on it will be less if you choose the best web hosting company.

2. Another advantage is that it provides you with a lot of themes out of which you can choose any of them and all the themes are free.

There are also premium versions of some themes that will provide you with extra features. You can easily create an attractive and beautiful looking website with the help of the free Themes.

3. On this, you will get thousands of plugins, out of which you can use any plugin. These plugins will improve your site and save you precious time.

4. gives you lots of options to customize your site. You can change anything on your site as you like, such as its appearance.

5. With the help of it, you will have complete control over your site. is a very good and trusted website builder so your website will always be up and running.

6. WordPress is a very secure platform, so you do not have to worry about your site being hacked. And if you want more security, you can use a security plugin that will make your site even more secure.


Its only disadvantage is that it is a self-hosted platform. This means that you will have to learn how to use it. But there is nothing to worry about because it is easy to use. You can learn to use it very quickly by looking at the tutorials provided by it.

Once you learn how to use it, then you can easily grow your site.

Now I have told you what is a website builder and how you can choose the best website builder. I have also told you which is the current best website builder.

Now if you want, you can make a good website of your own. You just need a domain name and web hosting service. You just have to buy both these things and after that, you can increase your popularity by creating your website and growing it.

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