Sea Of Thieves – Fantastic graphics and funniest gameplay

Do you want to play as a pirate then play as one in the funniest pirate game of the year – Sea Of Thieves. Sea of thieves is an online, multiplayer, open world game. In this game, you can experience what it is like to be a pirate. Go for treasure hunting in this beautiful world with your friends.

Sea of thieves


Distributed by Microsoft Studios, Sea Of Thieves gives you a brilliant chance to be a pirate. You can either play this game alone or with your friends. At the start of the game, you and your friends are transported on a pirate ship with weapons and some equipment. Your adventure begins right after that.

Whether you want to roam this beautiful world or take tasks, it is all up to you. You will get missions or voyages from 3 factions which you can find on an outpost in the game. When you complete missions then you will get gold in reward which you can use to buy different items such as clothes or equipment. Gold can also be collected through other ways which are – you can collect gold with the help of a treasure map or you can demolish foe ships. Sea Of Thieves has cartoonist graphics but they create beautiful effects.

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Sea of thieves


You will have one specific role on the ship which you can choose – steering/navigation/firing cannon. Your main enemy in the game will either be other players or it can be skeletons which you have to fight while completing missions. Skeletons are of different types – black skeletons/gold skeletons/ exceptionally old skeletons. Every skeleton has some weakness and powers. The weakness of black is that they are purely made of dark so any light will harm them, you can utilize the lamp to weaken them. Gold ones are weakened by water. Old skeletons recover in water so ensure you battle them ashore.

Sea of thieves

Sea Of Thieves is a share world game so you will encounter many players again and again in the game.

The one thing which I don’t like about the game is that this game has a loop which is that foe players can kick the bucket, their ship can be demolished yet they will again get back on their foot. They will again come to fight you. This kind of makes them immortal. This loop is the thing which makes this game a little boring.

Alongside missions, you will put most of your time in destroying other player’s ship. There are many activities which you can do to entertain yourself, such as, fighting Kraken or launching yourself or others through cannon or discovering privileged insights of new places.


Sea Of Thieves looks lovely and has a fantastic gameplay but it lacks variety in missions. Every mission feels the same as the previous one however increases in difficulty. In my opinion, if you are looking for a first-person extreme pirate adventure then get it now and enjoy it but if you want games with a story then you should forget it.

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