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On Page SEO – Main Ranking Factors and their Importance

What is On-page SEO

On page seo

In On-page SEO, individual web pages are optimised so that your site can rank higher and receive more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-page SEO not only refers to the content but also the HTML source code of a web page which can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which does not refer to content.

Off-page SEO refers only to links and other external signals. On-page SEO has changed very much over the years and it is still changing, so it’s important to update yourself with the latest practices.

Why On-page SEO is important

On-page SEO is as important as Off-page SEO. On-page Seo keeps a site in good condition from inside. Off-page SEO keeps a site in good condition from outside.

Making a post attractive and useful is done with the help of on page SEO and sharing it with others to get traffic is done with the help of off page SEO.
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Imagine that you have a shop and that shop is just like your site. Now you will want the customers to come and buy products from you. But customers will only come to you if your shop looks good from both inside and outside.

If your shop looks good only from the inside then people will not come to you. If your shop looks good only from outside then people will go inside your shop but leave as soon as they enter. So, keep your shop/site in a good condition by doing both on the page and off page SEO.

Search engines like Google only rank those sites which are attractive, provides quality content and which provides new content regularly.

We will only talk about on-page SEO factors in this post.

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How to Do On-page SEO

On page seo

These are some of the important factors which are helpful in increasing the rank of your site.
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Content of Page

The content of a page is one of those things which decides whether you will get a high rank or not. It is the most important thing on a web page and it is the thing which a user wants to see. It is extremely important to the search engines. So, it is very important that you should try to create good content.

Now if you don’t know what is good content then let me help you. From an SEO perspective, good content is the one which has two attributes.

First is that it should answer a question and second is that it must be shareable.

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How Good content answers a question and helps people:

If you want to make good content then you have to find out what people are searching for and then provide them with the thing they are searching for. When you search for something on google then you will see some results.

The first result will be the site which will provide closest information on the thing you were searching. Go to that site and read that article. You will found that the site is actually providing what you searched for.

Google works in a very complex way and it ranks sites on the basis of the content. So, to make quality content and rank higher, you have to find what people want and then provide them with detailed and unique information.
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Good content is shareable:

A good content is not something which people read and then move to the next site. Good content is something which attracts people and forces them to share it. If your content is not shared by anyone then it will not be good. So make sure you write something which attracts people.

Title Tag

It is another big factor in on-page SEO. It refers to the title of your post. Title of the post affects your ranking because it is the first thing which people will see in the search results.

The title of your post should be simple, attractive and informative. It should be simple, don’t make it a mess. The title should attract people and it should inform what the post is about. The title should be related to the post. The topic of the post should be in the title.


The URL structure of your site should be clean. Just like the title, the topic of your post should be in the URL so that it can be distinguished by Google from other URLs on your site. There should be different categories for different types of posts.
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Types of URL structure :

The following is a good example of URL structure:

In the above URL, we can clearly see that the post is about the history of video games and is put under the games category.

The following is a bad example of URL structure:

Now, look at this above URL. It is completely a mess. Nobody can understand what the post is about and under which category it falls.
You should organise your URL structure in such a way that it should show category, subcategory, and the post.

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Internal link building

If you have made an article then don’t forget to link your other similar articles in it. Imagine that you have made an article related to money then you should put links of other articles about money in your current article.

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This has two benefits.

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1. People will go to your other pages and read them so bounce rate will decrease and time on site will increase.

2. You will get more page views.

Page Loading Time:

If you have written a great article and you have done everything you could to get high rank and still you are not getting high traffic then you should check loading time of your site.
Sometimes because of large data, a site can take 5 to 10 seconds to load and this causes a drop in high traffic and page views.
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People usually don’t wait long enough to let a site load, they just jump to another site. So if you want to get high traffic and more page views then you have to decrease your site’s loading time.

If you are on WordPress, then you can use jetpack plugin which can automatically decrease your site’s loading and increase its page speed.

If you are not on WordPress, then there are many experts on the net which can tell you exactly what to do to reduce your site’s loading time.

Well, those were the important factors which you have to focus your work on. There are many other factors but these ones are the ones which affect a site’s rank most.
How does an Ideally Optimized Web Page look like:

On page SEO steps

To make sure your posts get a high rank, you have to follow these on-page SEO steps.

1. First of all, you have to do keyword planning. You have to find a good keyword which will help you get high traffic. This keyword will be base for your post. Everything you write will be related to this keyword.

2. The post you are making should be unique. It should provide detailed information about the topic.

3. The title of the post should be good, easy to understand, attractive and informative. It should tell the viewer what the post is about. So make a good title.
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4. You should put the keyword in the first paragraph of your post and also put the keyword in other places too. Put the keyword in URL too. Don’t stuff the post with keywords. One keyword should be placed in every 150 words.

5. Don’t forget to link other posts on your site which are similar.

6. Place some external links in your post.

7. Images keep a viewer interested in a post so don’t forget to put images in the post. Also, put the keyword in the alt text of images.

8. Share your post on social media so that a large number of people can see your post.

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