Newton Espresso Coffee Maker – Make Awesome Espresso

If you love espresso coffee, then you know that this ground-breaking blend tastes extraordinary pretty much anyplace, anytime. If you want to make a great cup of espresso then you will need an espresso machine. Espresso machines make espresso by pushing boiling water through finely ground espresso with high pressure. This pressure is equal to 9 times atmospherical pressure or nine bars. That is around 130 pounds of weight for every square inch, or generally, double the pressure in your normal truck tire. One of such machines is Newton espresso coffee maker machine.

Newton espresso coffee maker

Newton espresso coffee maker is a simple, clean, minimalistic and lever press espresso machine. It was designed by Hayden Maunsell when he felt the need to lessen the budgetary and natural expense of serving an awesome shot of coffee without trading off on design or quality.

He arrived on a basic lever squeeze outline, which still provides incredible crema amid the shot-pulling process.

Zero Waste

Newton is made in a way that it produces zero waste altogether—from bags to filters. Newton is the perfect machine for those people who want to take a cup of espresso every day while saving money and the environment. The name Newton itself is, as you may expect, a knowing gesture to the designing and rules that support the task of the machine itself.

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High Quality Materials

Newton espresso coffee maker

Newton is only made of high-quality materials so it will last longer than most espresso machines. Every single piece of machine is cleverly and precisely crafted by the best craftsman of New Zealand.

The Newton is crafted in a powder coated stainless steel frame and anodised aluminium barrel and lever. The base and handle is a bench top-grade clear coated maple timber. There are no plastic parts used so it is highly durable. Newton produces zero waste – it means that it will only produce coffee grinds which you can throw in your garden.

Uses Double Seal Piston

Newton espresso coffee maker

It is one of a kind machine, it is the only machine which uses a level press with ‘double seal’ piston action to give a more accurate pressure throughout the pull. Newton is easy to use, portable and robust because it does not run on electricity. It lets you generate 8-10 bar water pressure to produce an awesome cup of espresso coffee.


Newton espresso coffee maker

This espresso maker is so attractive that it has been Nominated for numerous design awards. Newton espresso coffee maker is made for those who need a brilliantly designed and a versatile coffee making solution.


Newton Espresso coffee maker is priced at $423USD. For a gadget which solves your daily Coffee making problem, it is priced at a reasonable rate. You can buy Newton espresso coffee maker in three colours variation-black and black, black and white, black and orange.

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