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Monster Hunter World

Monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World is an open-world action role-playing game developed by Capcom. It was released for PS4 and Xbox One on 26 January 2018. And on 9 August 2018, it was also released for Microsoft Windows. This is the latest instalment in the monster hunter series.

As the name suggests, in monster hunter world your job is to hunt the monsters. Either you hunt the monsters or kill them. According to Capcom, Monster Hunter World is their fastest selling game. But we think it is the best selling game made by Capcom. Monster Hunter World can be played in either single player or multiplayer mode.

This game is so good that it was greatly praised by players all around the world.
It is not like previous games, it features a New World to explore. This new world is mostly unpopulated by humans but you will find many monsters in this world.

In the game, you will play as a hunter. You will be able to track and hunt monsters. And whenever, you hunt and capture a monster you will get reward or zenny ( in-game money). You can use the zenny or rewards to purchase items for crafting new and better weapons and armour.

Monster hunter world

The game has a gameplay loop, you can kill weak monsters and get parts to make strong weapons which can help you in killing strong monsters. So, every time you kill a monster and make your weapons stronger then you will be able to kill more strong monsters. Capcom has made some fantastic changes. The gameplay is better, there is a new user interface, menu and navigation are also changed. This time when you travel from one environmental space to another then there will be no loading screen.

Travelling between places is seamless because all place are connected to each other and there are no zones. Capcom has also provided tutorials so that new players can easily understand the game. The game also features more advanced monster AI and physics which creates seemingly living ecosystems which can give an advantage to players while hunting.

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Gameplay Of Monster Hunter World

Monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World is an action role-playing, an open-world game which is played from a third-person perspective. This game is pretty much similar to previous games in the series, in this the player takes control of a self-created character. The player travels to the “New World”, an unpopulated mass of land which is filled with monsters. The player joins the Research Commission which is operated from central command base of Astera. The Research Commission wants to study the land and to achieve that they need information about monsters. The research commission gives the player the job to hunt down the monsters. The player has a choice to kill or capture large monsters that roam outside Astera.


Astera needs to be protected from monsters so the player has to kill monsters regularly. The character chosen by the player does not have any special attributes. The player’s strength is determined by the equipment the character has with him. There are 14 types of weapons (bow, long sword, hammer etc.) and you can select one as your equipment. Your weapon defines what types of combat moves and abilities you will have and can use. By using the in-game money you can buy some types of equipment but mostly other equipment you will build by obtaining loot after killing monsters, rewards, items gathered in the field.

The game has a gameplay loop Which means that when you build stronger weapons after obtaining loots by killing weak monsters then you will be able to kill stronger monsters. Then you can make even stronger weapons and kill even stronger monsters.

When you take a quest or just simply choose to go on an expedition then you will be taken to a base camp in one of six huge areas which when combined make up the New World. Each area is a combination of numbered zones but these zones are not like previous games, these are connected seamlessly. There will be no loading screens when you move from one zone to another.

In a camp, you can rest to restore their health or you can acquire limited provisions. Also, something is new in this game which is that you can have a meal which will give you limited-time buffs.

Monster hunter world

Tracking Monsters

In the game, you can track monsters by using Scout flies. Scout flies hover near tracks and shows resources which you can collect such as ores, insects, bones and flora. When you investigate the traces of the monster then it will improve scout flies’ abilities enabling them to lead you to the monster with their glowing flight path. By investigating a little more will help you gain insight into the strength, behaviour and weakness of the monster. When you locate a monster then you can either kill or capture it by using traps, weapons and items.

In the game, you also have some additional tools along with weapons. One of them is a Slinger, a tool which you can use to fire rocks at a monster or you can use it as a grappling hook to reach higher spaces or to pull objects onto a monster. You also get a tool called Mantle, you can use it for a limited time; this tool is a cloak-like object which can reduce the chances of monsters detecting you.
Astera is the command centre and it the place where you can buy and sell goods, build new equipment, manage your inventory or gain new quests.

In Astera, there is a farm too where you can grow flora in large quantity. Also, there are training areas, arena challenges and there is a canteen too where you can eat a delicious meal to restore your health.

Monster Hunter World supports single-player story mode and also an online cooperative mode of up to four players. In multiplayer servers, up to sixteen players can gather to play. The game also provides a companion to you which will give warnings on low health.
Monster Hunter World was released in digital and physical on 26 January 2018. In addition to that, it included a Collector’s Edition which includes game’s soundtrack CD, a statue of one of the monsters from the game and an art book.

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The story of Monster Hunter World

Monster hunter world

In Monster Hunter World, the players explore a new unpopulated mass of land which is filled with unique monsters. This new land is called ‘New World’. The player is tasked to travel here so that he can help the research commission in studying the monsters. Research commission is operated from the command centre called Astera. The main purpose of the research committee is to study elder dragons.

Elder dragons are so massive that they can affect ecosystems when they migrate. Elder dragons migrate once every 10 years in a process called elder crossing. When travelling to New World the player and his supporting members encounter Zorah Magdaros, a massive elder dragon the size of a mountain.

The player is attacked but rescued and taken to Astera. Research commission starts an expedition to find out more about this elder dragon. They find out that Zorah Magdaros is dying and is migrating to a massive graveyard, known as Rotten Vale. So they start hunting Zorah Magdaros but their hunting is stopped by Nergigante, an elder dragon who feeds on other elder dragons.

Nergigante protects Zorah Magdaros from the hunters so that he can eat Zorah Magdaros later. While hunters were fighting Nergigante, Zorah Magdaros escapes and unexpectedly enters the Everstream instead of travelling to Rotten Vale. After further research, the expedition team finds out that if Zorah Magdaros dies in Everstream then his bio-energy will destroy the New World. So they plan to make Zorah Magdaros move into the ocean. In the ocean, the bio-energy will make a new aquatic system. But Nergigante comes and stop Zorah Magdaros. This time Nergigante is successfully driven off by the hunters and Zorah Magdaros is moved into the ocean.

Monster hunter world

Nergigante goes to Elder’s recess, an area in Everstream full of stored bio-energy. The presence of Nergigante makes the elder dragon run to neighbouring locations, which results in upsetting every ecosystem.

Nergigante is tracked down and killed by the hunter with the help of leader of the expedition. When Nergigante is killed then all other elder dragons calm down and return to the recess. The hunter then finds that the source of energy in the recess is Xeno’jiiva, an infant elder dragon, who has been incubating in the Elder’s Recess and was feeding on the bio-energy of the dead elder dragons. Xeno’jiiva hatches but at the order of the leader, the hunter kills him before he causes any harm to anyone. After this, the research commission finally gets to know everything about Elder’s crossing. And members of the research commission were offered to stay in the New World to study other monsters.

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