Lumapod – All in one Tripod designed for professionals

LumapodLumapod is world’s first tripod which is made for a smartphone, GoPro, Mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Its design is special and because of its design, it is easy and fast to set up Lumapod. You can easily set up it in just 4 seconds.


Whenever we go somewhere outside there is a problem of choice we face which is whether to take a tripod or selfie stick with us but this problem is erased by Lumapod. Lumapod is two in one – you can use it for taking a selfie and to take a self-portrait.

The problem with a regular tripod is that it takes time to set it up but Lumapod can be set up quickly. The other thing is that regular tripod is somewhat heavy and not compact so it is not easy to take them anywhere.


Lumapod is compact as well as lightweight, you can put it in your backpack easily and carry it anywhere.


Everyone wants stable and clear pictures and Lumapod gives you exactly that. Its base is made of aluminium and it nullifies the effect of winds with its tensioned Kevlar ropes just like a mast on a sailboat. You can also use it as a monopod to make hyperlapse videos.

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Ecodining set

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Lumapod comes in two sizes

1. First is Go85, it has a height of 85cm and it can support a camera of 1kg.
Go85 does not compromise on quality and performance while being compact and lightweight. It does not feature interchangeable legs but it comes equipped with integrated terrain levellers so you can place it even on uneven ground.


Accessories included

Phone holder – 1

GoPro Mount – 1

Mini ball head – 1

Thread Adaptor – 1

2. Go120 is a little higher than Go85 and is 120cm tall. It has all the benefits of Go85 but it can handle a camera of 2kg. Also, it has modular leg extensions which create wide-range opportunities for adaptability.


Accessories included

Compact Z-Plate

It allows you to take shots from different angles. It is durable along with being compact and lightweight. Also, it is made of high-grade aluminium alloy so that captured images are precise.

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