Li-Fi Lamp – Access Internet through Light

Li-Fi Lampli-fi lamp

Li-fi lamp functions like an ordinary lamp with an extra feature of providing internet connection. It was originally designed to use in the library where you can access internet connection along with study under lamp’s light. Internet connection is accessible in the area of light only.

li-fi lamp

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The lamp comes up with a dongle. To use internet connection, insert dongle into your device and place the device in the light area. The lamp can also provide internet access when it is off as it uses invisible infrared technology. It is better than wi-fi because

1) you do not need to place radio towers or wi-fi routers to access the internet.

2) It provides faster internet connection that is up to 23 Mbps.

3) It provides a more secure and private internet connection, unlike wi-fi in which radio waves can penetrate the walls and can be hacked easily. But it uses invisible infrared rays which can be spread in the light area only.

4) The lamp is also eco-friendly as it uses LED light bulbs only.

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