Keyword Research: Meaning and Importance


Keyword research is a very simple process through which people can improve the ranking of their article on search engines.

Those words which are used by people to search for a topic are called keywords which are related to that topic. When we use the same keywords in our article related to that topic then it increases chances for our article to appear on the first rank on the search engine.

When we search for something on google then we use certain words to search and these words are keywords.

Google will search for those articles which include these keywords and then it will provide us with the best articles which contain information related to such keywords.

Now, what does it by keyword research. In keyword research we search for those words which are used by most people and such words are related to the topic on which we want to make an article.

Keyword research is a technique of good SEO. Just by finding the right keyword does not mean your article will rank high. For your article to rank high, you have to use those keywords in your article in a good way.

Those keywords should reflect the article. For your article to be on 1st rank, you have to provide that information only which is related to the topic.

If you want to write an attractive article then you have to see those websites which come on 1st rank.

Importance of keyword research

Keyword research is very important because:

It helps in improving search engine rank.

Keyword research lets you know which keywords are used by competitors.

It allows you to make articles by using those keywords which are highly searched.

Keyword research helps you in staying ahead of the competition.

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How to do Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very simple process and anybody can do it. First of all, you need to decide the topic about which you want to write. Then you have to find those words which will be used by people to search for your topic.

Such words are keywords and you can find such words with the help of different free keyword research tools. I mostly use Google keyword planner because it is very simple to use.

Keyword research

When you open google keyword planner then you will see a screen like this. In this, you have to click on discover new words. Then put your topic in there and click on get results.

Keyword research

In the above pic, you can see that when I put games as a topic then it shows you how many times this topic is searched on google in a month. And the competition for the word games can also be seen.

Now the word ‘games‘ not a specific keyword, it is about games and games can be of different types.

If you are writing about a specific topic then type that and you will get results.

There is another way of getting keywords which is to search the topic on google and when results are shown then go to the end of the page and you will see related search terms.

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For the topic ‘games’, different related search terms are shown in the below picture.

Keyword researchKeyword research

For the word ‘SEO’, the related search terms are these:

These related search terms are those words which are related to the topic and searched most by people.

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When you find a proper keyword then you can use that keyword to make an SEO friendly article.

Keyword research will only give you a proper keyword for your article, using that keyword properly is up to you.

If you use the keyword properly then your article will be more meaningful and attractive. It will let you improve your rank on Google.

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