Immortal Unchained 2018 Game – Can You Survive In Hell

In immortal unchained, you are a living weapon and you are unchained by the warden without your will. Immortal unchained will test your ability to survive a place which is no less than hell.

Immortal unchained

The main motive of yours is to save the world from ending. You don’t remember anything about your past so you have to gather info about yourself. You also have to find out what the story is about.

Immortal unchained

Other characters can provide some info about the story but you can not put your faith into everyone, other characters have their own motives so they can lie to you to get some help from you. Your goal is to find the truth and to achieve this goal you have to clear everything out of your way by using different weapons. The game features sci-fi interconnected worlds to roam.

Immortal unchained

Developer – Toadman Interactive
Genre(s) – Action, RPG

Immortal unchained will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 7 September 2018.

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Main Features of Immortal Unchained

  • Explore a futuristic fantasy world while searching for truth in a great story written by a great team. The team includes Anne Toole (The Witcher) and Adrian Vershinin (Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 1).
  • Enjoy tactical, up-close and personal action with ruthless gunplay and vicious melee combat.
  • Fight enemies in your style by choosing from a number of weapons.

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