How to Start a blog in 2019 : Exclusive Guide

Creating a blog of your own is very good, but do you know how to start a blog of your own. If you want to know how to start a blog, then read this article completely. After reading this article, you will know what things have to be taken care of before starting a blog. So let’s start.

Steps to help you know how to Start a Blog

Step 1: Picking the blog topic

Step 2: Select the blogging platform

Step 3: Pick a domain name

Step 4: Pick a hosting for your blog

Step 5: Setup the design of the blog

Step 6: Install the best WordPress plugins

Step 7: Write your first blog post

Step 8: Share your blog post with the world

How to start a blog in 2019

8 Steps to help you know how to Start a Blog

Step 1 of starting a blog: Picking the blog topic

The first thing which you have to do before starting your blog is to pick a blog topic.

The topic about which you will make articles is called blog topic. Picking a topic is the most important thing to do before you can start a blog.

You have to pick such a topic which you have an interest in and about which you have some knowledge. You can also pick a topic about which you read articles daily.

If you can write about something better than others then that can be your blog topic.

You have to find such a topic about which you can write better than the others.

If you think you can write about any topic better than anyone then below you will find the most profitable blog topics about which you can write.

Best blogging niches - How to start a blog in 2019

Most profitable blog niches to choose from before starting a blog

  • How to Make Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Development
  • Blogging
  • Home Decor

Some other blog niches to choose from

  • Self Defense.
  • Recipes for couples without children.
  • Male guide to female communication
  • Using technology in small business
  • Blogging about special kinds of foods
  • Bullying / cyberbullying
  • Behavioural disorders in children
  • Bodyweight training
  • Entrepreneurial education for young children & adults
  • Disc Golf
  • DIY Projects, DIY Business and Selling Homemade items

Step 2 of starting a blog: Select the blogging platform

Before you can start a blog, you have to do a very important thing which is to select a blogging platform.

A blogging platform is a platform through which you can design your website. It gives you full control over your site.

It will help you in changing the layout of your website, changing themes, customizing your website and it also helps in making blog posts.

It is the place where you will make your blog posts.

To start a blog, you need a blogging platform.

Now the question arises is, which blogging platform is the best.

To know which is the best blogging platform, first, you have to know how many blogging platforms are there to choose from.

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The following are the most popular blogging platforms to start a blog.


2. Constant Contact Website Builder

3. Gator by HostGator


5. Blogger

6. Tumblr

7. Medium

8. Squarespace

9. Wix

10. Ghost

Which is the best blogging platform to start a blog?

The best blogging platform in my view is I am talking about and not about

There is a very big difference between the two terms.

I love because:

It is open source. It means anyone can use it to create their website. It has a large community of people is using it, loving it and contributing to it.

– It provides a huge number of beautiful themes for free.

– You can use any of these themes to make your website more attractive without spending a penny.

– It is the most popular blogging platform hosting over 35% of all sites in the world.

– It is easy to use. You don’t need any expert skill to use it. It is also very flexible and extensive so it’s used by everyone from small to big institutions and by independent bloggers too.

– It is a very secure platform as well as your site will never be down on it. It is a platform that runs 24/7 and because of which your site will always run.

Besides, it also provides a lot of plugins for free. By using them, you can increase the efficiency of your site more.

If you are looking for a blogging platform to start a blog then I would say that you choose WordPress as it provides a lot more services than the rest and it is not expensive at all.

Step 3 of starting a blog: Pick a domain name

After choosing a blogging platform, now comes the time to choose your domain name.

You have to choose your domain name which is simple but also brandable.

Your domain name should be easy to speak and short. Your domain must be related to your chosen topic.

It should not be that you have chosen seafood as your topic and your domain name is catfish.

What should the domain name be like?

– Your domain name should be one that can be written easily.

– Your domain name should be easily pronounced.

– Your domain name should be short, but it should also be attractive.

– You have to choose your domain name very carefully as it will be very difficult for you to change it later.

– Do not put hyphens and numbers in the domain name. If you put hyphens and numbers in your domain name then the value of the domain will reduce.

– It would be nice to add Keywords to your domain name.

– If you want to put the keyword in the domain name, put the keyword at the beginning of the domain name.

If you have chosen a domain name, now you have to see whether the domain name is available or not. For this, you can search that domain name on Google.

If you do not see any result, then it means that the domain name is available and you can buy it from the domain provider.

One last and most important thing when buying a domain – You should buy only the domain with .com extension because .com is the best.

If you do not get a domain with .com, then you can also buy a domain with .org extension.

If you need ideas for your domain name, you can use a domain generator tool.

Use these Domain Name Generator to Gather Ideas

1. Wordoid.

2. Lean Domain Search.

3. DomainHole.

4. Nameboy

Step 4 of starting a blog: Pick a hosting for your blog

In the fourth step of starting a blog, you must choose to host for your website. You can create a website with the help of WordPress but to put that website on the internet you have to take the help of hosting provider.

Many hosting providers can give you the WordPress Hosting, but you have to find the best among them.

You can decide which hosting provider is the best by looking at several factors. And these factors are:

1. Server Requirements

The hosting should meet WordPress’s latest server requirements (PHP 7.3+, MySQL 5.6+, HTTPS support, and Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module).

2. Speed

Check your site speed. If by looking at the speed of your site, you feel that it is slow, then you should change the host of your website. (if you want to know your current website speed then you can use Pingdom).

3. Uptime 

If the uptime of your website hosting is less than 99.95% then you should start looking for another hosting provider.

4. Customer Support

You have to choose a hosting provider that provides 24/7 customer support.

5. Pricing

When looking for a website hosting provider, you also need to check the hosting price. You have to see which hosting provider can give you hosting at the lowest price. You have to choose a hosting provider that will provide you with hosting at a lower price as well as with higher uptime and speed.

The following are all the best hosting providers.

1. Bluehost

2. HostGator

3. SiteGround (

4. A2 Hosting (

5. GreenGeeks (

6. Hostinger (

7. DreamHost (

8. InMotion (

9. Site5 (

10. iPage (

Which is the best hosting provider?

In my view, Bluehost provides the best hosting because it offers the best services over the rest.

The uptime of hosting that it provides is 99.98% and the loading speed of the website is also much less than the rest.

It provides all the features given below which is better than the rest and with the help of which you can make your site better.

– Free SSL

– Unlimited bandwidth

– Unlimited storage

– The free domain name (Saving of $12/year)

– Easy to use cPanel.

– Live chat support

– 30 days money-back guarantee

– And the best part, it only cost $2.95/month

Step 5 of starting a blog: Setup the design of the blog

To change the design of your blog, you can use different themes.

The advantage of creating your site on WordPress is that you will get a lot of great themes for free and you can easily use each theme on the website yourself.

If you want to see how your website will look when using a theme, then you can also see the preview of that theme.

By doing this, you will know how your website will look like by using that theme without using that theme.

Here’s how to install a WordPress theme.

1. Visit the Appearance menu

Click “Themes” within the “Appearance” menu in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click on “Add New”

Then “Add New” on top of that page to discover the different design opportunities.

3. Explore the different WordPress themes available

Browse through “Featured”, “Popular” or “Latest” themes. Or use “Feature Filter” to find more specific themes with exact features that you are looking for. Sort by colour, layout, features and specific subjects.

4. Click “Install” to activate a specific theme on your blog

When you find a blog theme design that you like simply click on “Install” to activate it on your WordPress blog.

Changing themes on WordPress is very easy and also secure.

When you change the theme on it, the content of your site will not deteriorate at all.

You have to make your site attractive, for this, you have to choose the best theme.

I have listed some of the best themes below, from which you can choose the one you like.

1. Astra Theme

2. Divi by ElegantThemes

3. Ultra

4. Spencer

5. Indigo

6. Hellomouse

7. Parallax

8. Latest

9. Presence

10. Loft

Step 6 of starting a blog: Install the best WordPress plugins

Plugins are software that can make your site more efficient. With the help of Plugins, you can make your site fast, secure and attractive.

One advantage of being on WordPress is that on this you will get thousands of plugins, out of which you can use any of them without spending any money.

I have shown below some plugins which should be on every site and which are very important for a new blogger.

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9 best WordPress plugins for beginners

1. WPForms

2. MonsterInsights

3. Yoast SEO

4. Constant Contact

5. OptinMonster

6. UpdraftPlus

7. WP Rocket

8. Beaver Builder

9. MemberPress

Step 7 of starting a blog: Write your first blog post

You will have to write your first post very carefully because your first post will work as your first impression.

You have to keep your first impression good, so you have to make a tremendous post.

Always use the first person when creating a post.

Suppose someone is sitting in front of you and you are explaining something to him.

When someone is sitting in front of you, you use I or you, in the same way, I or you should be used in the post.

You have to explain the topic, so explain as best you can.

If your article becomes more than 1000 words, then it is not bad because the article of 1000 words gets good rank but make the article interesting.

Also, your article should cover everything related to the topic.

One thing that I would like to mention which is very important is that never copy images from Google.

There are many sites which provide free stock photos, you can download images from such sites and use them in your article.

When you download an image from Google and use it in your article, then it is called copying and by doing so your site’s rank on Google falls.

Always use your images or use free stock images.

You can also embed a video in your article.

To do this, go to the post editor of WordPress and you will get the option of an add media and click on it.

After clicking on it, you will get the option of embed media where you have to paste the link of the video that you want to put in the article.

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Step 8 of starting a blog: Share your blog post with the world

After publishing your first post, if you want that post to reach as many people as possible, then share that post with people.

You can reach up to your posts to thousands of people using social media.

To do this, create a page and group on Facebook with the same name as your website and invite all your friends on Facebook to like your page.

You will not reach thousands of people in a single day, but gradually your page likes will increase and more and more people will be able to see your articles.

I hope you have liked my guide on how to start a blog.

If you have liked it then share it with your friends so that they can also know how to start a blog for themselves.


The above steps will help you to know how to start a blog. Starting a blog is not so difficult.

You have to choose a topic before starting a blog and then a blogging platform for the blog.

In the third step of starting a blog, you have to choose a domain name and then choose WordPress hosting.

After doing all this your blog starting process will be half complete. To start the blog completely, you have to make a good design for your website, which you can do by using different themes.

Now you can use the different useful plugins. After that you will have to make the first post of your blog and then share that post with the world.

After following all these steps, you will be able to start your own blog. To start any blog, it is necessary to follow all these steps.

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