How does google gives ranks to sites

How does Google gives Ranks to Sites

How does Google gives ranks to sites?

How does google gives ranks to sites

Google is a very popular search engine and ranks millions of sites every day. Now very few of those millions know how Google works. Those people understand how Google decides the rank of a site and because of this, they can bring their site to the first page of Google.

Google’s way of working is changed every day. Every day small changes are made in Google. These small changes don’t affect the ranks of the sites but sometimes google has changed its method of ranking different sites. And there is a great chance that it can do so again in the future. So you have to know how Google works so that if Google changes its method of ranking, then you will not be bothered by it and you will be able to easily understand that new method too.

What is google?

Google is a very famous search engine. It is the most popular search engine and 90% of people use it. Every day millions of people submit their articles on it and in those millions, only a few thousand people are the ones whose articles get ranked on the first page of Google.

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What does it mean to get ranked on Google’s first page?

There are very few bloggers who can get their article on the first page of Google. Arriving on Google’s first page means that 90% of all traffic that comes for a specific topic on Google in a day goes to the sites that rank on Google’s first page. This means that if your site is on the first page of Google, then your site will get millions of visitors every day. And if you can convert only thousands of those people into customers, then you can earn a lot of money.

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Is it easy to come on the first page of google?

I will not say at all that it is easy to come on the first page of Google because I have just started blogging recently. I do not have much experience in this thing but I have heard many PRO bloggers saying that it takes at least 4 months to establish your authority on Google.

If you have chosen such a topic on which no other person writes articles, then you can get the first rank in Google on that topic. But if you write something about a topic about which many people write, then you will have trouble getting a good rank in Google. Now to get the first rank on such topic, you have to beat all the others behind.

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How does Google gives ranks to sites?

How does google gives ranks to sites

Google is very smart. It does not give any site a good rank without looking at some important factors. It looks at many factors first and then ranks the sites later. Now there are a lot of factors that Google considers important and after looking at all these google Decides what rank a site will get.

Now if I give an example, then suppose that Google is a teacher and all the sites are students. Now all these students write articles and all of them write different articles.

The first thing that Google will do is that it will separate the students according to different topics. After that, it chooses a topic and will rank all the students who write about that topic according to the quality of their article.

The student who has written the best article will get the first rank and the student who has written a bad article will get a bad rank.

If any person starts his site on the Internet, it means he wants to provide a service to someone and in this way, we can also call him a businessman. Now to make a business successful, the most important thing is to keep the customers happy.

If customers remain happy then the business will also do well. If you want to keep customers happy, then give them the product they want. This means to provide them with the articles that they want. If you provide articles of good quality to people, then your value will increase in the eyes of Google and your site will get a good rank.

Now let’s talk about the factors that can give your site a good rank.

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Factors affecting your site’s rank

1. Quality of Article

The quality of your article is the first thing that can give your site a good rank and bad rank. If the quality of your article is good then you will get good rank and if the quality of your article is not good then you will not get a good rank.

How does the quality of the article is decided?

Now a lot of people do not know what is a good quality article and how can they make their article good.

According to Google, quality means how well you can explain the topic of your article to people. If you can explain to people everything about a topic through an article, then your article will be good. If you want to make a good article, then the topic has to be described well. You have to explain to people everything related to the topic.


If you want to write about a product, then you will have to tell people different information about that product such as:

Product Name, Producer, Brand, Price.

Product specification in detail.

For whom the product is made for.

What are the uses of the product?

Product reviews should also be shown.

The rest of the information that is related to that product should be provided to people.

Quality is also decided with the help of some other things such as whether the article you have made is understandable by people or not.

If your created article is not understood by the people then there is no use of such article. You have to make an article that is easy to read and which is very simple. Do not use too many tough words in the article.

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2. Site structure

When Google analysis your site to give it a rank, then it looks at whether the structure of your site is good or not. Site structure will be called good only when visitors can easily access every page of your site. If visitors have trouble visiting your site then it means that the structure of your site is bad.

To make the structure of your site good, you need to create different pages and put their links in the menu. You have to define what a page is referring to. You also have to put the menu in such a place where people can easily see it.

The structure of the site is a huge factor that Google looks at before ranking a site.

Your site should also look beautiful. If your site does not look beautiful then people will not like to visit your site and this will reduce the value of your site in the eyes of Google. Because of this, your rank may also fall.

You can use good themes and nice fonts to make your site beautiful. And you also have to keep the size and color of the text good. You can improve your rank in Google by making your site beautiful.

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3. Speed of site

The speed of your site should always be high. Your site should be loaded as soon as you click on your site. Google always check the speed of any site before ranking it.

If the loading speed of your site is slow, then it can have a bad effect on the rank of your site. If you want more visitors, then you have to increase the speed of your site. Before doing this, you have to see what is the speed of your site.

You can check the speed of your site with the help of Google Page Speed Tool. This tool will show you the speed of your site. This will tell you the speed of your site on both desktop and mobile.

It will also give you some tips to increase the speed of your site, by applying which you can increase the speed of your site and can bring your site to the first page on Google.

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Ways to increase site speed:-

Use image compression plugins.

Do not place animation items on the site.

Do not put too many advertisements on your site.

Use less JavaScript on the site.

With these methods, you can make your site fast.

4. Responsive

Google gives better rank to those sites which are responsive. By this I mean those sites get a better rank which run easily on mobile, tablet and desktop and which gives a good user experience.

Nowadays, the number of mobile users has exceeded those who use laptops, so most people use mobile to search for anything.

If your site is not mobile-friendly then Google will not give your site a good rank and it will hurt you a lot. This will bring very few visitors to your site and it will not be good for you.

Therefore, use such a theme on your site which is responsive and with the help of which your site can be viewed easily on every device. This will leave a very good effect on your rank.

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5. Regular content availability

Google also checks whether a site is providing good content regularly before ranking a site. Google gives a good rank to sites that provide good content regularly.

If you want a good rank on Google, then make a good article every 2 or 3 days. Providing 2 or 3 articles in a week will increase your value in the eyes of Google and will improve your rank.

6. Links from quality sites

Before ranking your site, Google will also check whether other sites link to your site or not. By this, I mean whether your site has a link from another site or not. Linking means recommending.

If a large number of good sites recommend your site or link to your site then Google will give you a very good rank. So write such tremendous and mind-inspiring articles that more and more sites will share those articles. This will improve your rank very quickly.


All these points which I have mentioned above are those factors which are very important for your site and which are checked by Google before ranking your site. There are many more factors that Google checks before ranking a site, but the most important among them are those which I have told you. Now if you want a good rank on Google, then you will have to make a post keeping these factors in mind.

A good quality post can land you at number 1 rank. So far, I have told you what is Google and how it gives rank to different sites and what are the factors that help Google in deciding the rank of a site. Now your task is to make an article keeping these factors in mind so that you get a good rank.

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