5 Amazing ways Google Search Console improve your site’s SEO

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console was previously called Google Webmasters Tool, but on May 2015, Google renamed it Google Search Console.

There was only one reason to change its name and that was that it was used by bloggers and SEO professionals in large number and then Google thought of changing its name. The best name that came to Google’s mind was the Google Search Console, so the Google Webmasters Tool was named Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is a free suite of tools with which you can learn about many things.

With its help, you can do many things related to your site such as:-

1. Submitting your Sitemap

You can submit a map of your site, also known as a sitemap. Before submitting a sitemap, you need to create a sitemap of your site which you can easily create with the help of Google XML sitemap tool.

Google search consoleGoogle search console

Once the sitemap is created, you will need to go to the Google search console to submit it. There you will find an option called sitemap on the menu. After clicking on it, you will get the option to submit your sitemap there. Just put the URL of your sitemap there and your sitemap will be submitted to Google.

After submitting the sitemap, Google will be able to crawl and index every page on your site and give your site rank.

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2. You can see which pages are Indexed

After submitting the sitemap, all the pages on your site will be indexed. Now with the help of Google search console, you can see that which pages of your site have been indexed and which have not. When you come to know that some pages of your site have not been indexed, then you can index those pages with the help of Google.

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3. Control crawling and indexing of the website

With the help of Google Search Console, you can tell Google which pages of your site to crawl and index and which pages are not to be crawled and indexed.

4. Find broken links on the website

With the help of Google search console, you can also find out which links are broken on your site and how to fix them. With the help of this, you can easily fix all the broken links on your site.

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5. It helps in Technical SEO

With the help of Google search console, you can improve the SEO of your site. With the help of this, you can see which articles of your site are ranked on which page of Google. With its help, you can also know which pages of your site are performing well and which are performing badly. You can modify those articles which are performing badly so that their performance improves.

The Google Search Console acts as a communication channel between your site and Google. This allows Google to send you any important information related to your site. With its help, you get to know which pages of your site are not indexed and if someone files a DMCA complaint against your domain, then Google search console also tells you about it.

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