F1 2018 Game – Fantastic game with lots of improvements

Over the past few years, F1 games have been some of the best racing games. F1 games are slick, fast and refined packages which provide a virtual representation of world’s fastest sport. Whenever there was something missing from the games then Codemasters provided it. F1 2018 is a fantastic game. It has all the features which were not in F1 2017. F1 2017 was also a fantastic game, it had some of the best classic cars, fast and smooth gaming experience and it also had an expanded career mode. But there were some glitches in F1 2017 and the driving model was also a little sluggish.

F1 2018

In F1 2018, classic cars make a comeback but this time they are more improved. Their look and driving-feel are improved. 12 cars from F1 2017 have returned to F1 2018 and 8 more have been added. So you get 20 classic cars to drive in the game.


F1 2018

The graphics are better than F1 2018. Cars feel snappier and livelier. Also, cars are more precise and driving feels more realistic.
F1 2018 has great visuals but don’t expect realistic graphics. But you can expect something which is noticeable, like, the colours feel a little more natural, there is a bit more detail. Very importantly it runs at a very stable frame rate. On PS4 Pro, it runs at a solid 60 frames per second while driving during the rain.


The AI in the game has seen some major improvements. AI is now more aggressive and will give you a tough time. Playing experiences also increases because of more aggressive AI. It looks entertaining when cars crash into each other.


F1 2018

Rules and regulations in the game are more strict now, a little collision can give you a penalty. It is not a good thing but it is what that makes this game more realistic.

The thing which you should ignore is post-race interviews. They are short but they don’t add anything to this game. You will be just wasting your time.

Research and development tree is also improved. Driving model has also seen some improvements but not to the level which we see in other modern sim racing titles. Driving model has some depth and it is precise. The game is much more fun when you can drive at extreme speed. The progression system is legible and can be understood easily. It is not as complex as previous games. We can not see tracks dynamically rubbering in and also we can not see tire flat spawning or advanced degradation.

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F1 2018F1 2018

Cars feel a lot better because of new tire and suspension physics. Codemasters has claimed that they have improved the physics for cars by gathering real-world data. Also, there are many options to customize your car. Codemasters has also added ERS feature to cars. In this, kinetic energy gets stored whenever you brake then this energy can be released while accelerating to give you a speed boost.

F1 2018

F1 2018 has a rivalry system, you have many objectives every race weekend and your goal is to beat your rivals. Your teammate is always your first rival and you will be able to choose your second rival as you progress through the game.


F1 2018

New tracks have been included in the game. Some of the best are France’s Circuit Paul Ricard and Hockenheim. Hockenheim was not included in the previous game so this time you will be able to drive on this amazing track. Paul Ricard is a very good track because it was tough to take turns which makes it the most challenging one.


There is halo in cars in F1 2018 but there is an option to remove the centre post of the halo in game. However, the top of the halo will remain but this still is good for those people who are struggling to see past the centre post.

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Season Mode

Also, there is a season mode, in which you can run a one-off season. There are a variety of different options available, you can race the standard 2018 season or you can run a sprint championship.


Event mode will make a comeback and events will be downloaded from Codemasters servers. Once you start an event, you will be thrown into the middle of the scenario.
There are some other improvements in the game, one of which is an increase in the refresh rate of car suspension which makes the gameplay smooth.

There are not many cons of this game, it is one of the best sim racing game. It is not perfect but it is still far better than F1 2017. If you can forget about interviews then you will definitely enjoy this game.

Pros of F1 2018

Great improvement in car physics, cars feel more real

More intuitive force feedback

Improved AI

Better graphics

Better gameplay with stable framerate while driving

No input lag

Expanded career mode

Ability to remove Halo

Hockenheim is included

Lots of options for customisation

Cons of F1 2018

No support for virtual reality

A stuttering issue in replays

Replays also lack some features(i.e. advanced FF/RWD, etc.)

Damage Model is hit or miss at times.

Simulation is not as good as other titles

Would like to see an AI aggression slider

No Red Flags

Pit media interviews are a confusing and unnecessary addition

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