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Everything about SEO and how to do SEO in a better way

Before we talk about SEO, let me ask you a question.

Do you know how many posts are written every day?

Every single day, nearly 10 million posts are written. From these 10 million, only a few thousand post rule on the first page of search engine.

You also want that your post should appear on the first page of the search engine but you don’t know what you should do to make it happen.

All the problems which are related to the post we create can easily be solved with the help of SEO.



SEO stands for search engine optimization. When we are doing SEO then it means that we are optimizing our post for search engine.

It means that you have to optimize your post’s design, writing, links and images in such a way that your post can appear on the first page of search engine.

Definition: According to Wikipedia, SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

Let me translate that in English for you:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique or a process in which you optimize your online content in such a way that a search engine shows it as the first result for searches of a keyword.

Search engine is a place where you can search for something and for that search some results will be shown.

Google is a search engine and you have to believe me when I say that it is the most used search engine.

When we search something on google then results will appear related to that search.

From these results, the first 5 results get most of the traffic. These 5 results make their place there because of a miracle and that miracle is called SEO.

Now you would have understood how important SEO is.

Just think that you run a shop and you sell some products and search engine is a market.

Now you will want the customer to come to your shop but you don’t know how to attract customers.

Now you need something which can bring customers to you and that thing is called SEO.

Appearing on the first page of Google is not easy and if you somehow appear on its second page, even then it will not benefit you.

Before acknowledging how to appear on the first page of Google, you have to know how google works.

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How Google works

Google says that there are 200 factors which a post must have to appear on its first page.

The post made after taking these 200 factors into consideration will rank first on google.

What happens in actual is that people become so eager to get on the first page of google that they start to play with its drawbacks.

There are two types of people who do SEO- White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

Black hat SEO

These type of people make their post only for the search engine. They don’t care about what people want.

They play with drawbacks of search engine and they make their post in such a way that it appears on the first page.

The search engine doesn’t like those who play with it so it bans such types of websites.

Black hat SEO is done by those people who only want to earn money and that’s why they don’t last for long on search engines.

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White hat SEO

It includes those people who make articles for people. They follow search engine rules and make quality articles.

These people are liked by search engines and that’s why such sites remain on the first page of search engine for a long time.

Now I will talk about those factors which can affect your site’s ranking.

If you make an article after taking these factors into consideration then your post will definitely appear on the first page of search engine/Google.

Some of these factors are controllable and some are not

On the basis of factors, SEO can be divided into two parts –-on page SEO and off page SEO.

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On page SEO

On page

It includes those factors which are controllable.

These factors are very important for improving the rank on the search engine.

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Content means articles which you make and which are related to the search query.

It means that if you have made an article then it should solve someone’s problem.

You should have the answer a searcher wants.

Content does not mean just writing, it means understanding what a searcher wants and then providing necessary information to the searcher.

High-quality content is the king of SEO. If you make high-quality content regularly then you can easily rule SEO.

You have to work hard to make good content. Imagine that you run a business.

You make and sell PS4. Now PS4 is similar to your content.

If it is good then it will be purchased. If it is not good then no one will buy it.

Now to make good content, you have to focus on some things.

One of which is quality.

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The quality of the content should be great. It means that your post should answer the question of the person who will read it.

Fishing & Cycling & Hiking! Big Sales! Buy $49 save $10Now imagine that you run a shop and you sell PS4. People will buy PS4 from you only when they see that its quality is great.

If the quality of your content is not good then the user will leave your site.

You have to keep in mind that what you are writing is unique and people can understand it easily.

Keyword research

Before making content great, you should know what a user wants.

You have to find out what question he is asking. The answer to his question will become your keyword.

Now you have to write the answer keeping in mind the keyword. You can also find a suitable keyword using Semrush.

It will show you many keywords related to the searcher’s question.

All keywords will be shown with their competition and monthly volume. You can choose that keyword which has less competition but high traffic.

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Use of keywords

If you have chosen a keyword then you don’t have to fill your post with that keyword.

You just have to put that keyword in some specific and important places such as title, heading,

URL and meta description.

Nowadays Google just does not see your post, but it also understands your post.

So you do not need to add more keywords to your post, but you can just enter keywords in some places.

Post Regularity

If you write a quality post every day, then your chances of getting to the first page are increased.

Nowadays those sites appear on Google’s first page, which keeps updating their content regularly.

You should decide how often you should write a post. You can write a post every other day or you can write 2 posts a week.
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If you have written something good and if you can share it with others, then understand that you have done well in Google’s eyes.

Google only ranks those articles that can be shared.

If you have made such articles which can not be shared then it will not be good for you.

So only create such content which can be shared. This will help you improve your rank on Google.

Title tags

The title of your post should be related to the search query of a person.

Your post’s title should reflect the content in your post and it should be 50 to 60 characters long.

Make your title simple and it should be such that after seeing if anybody can guess what your post is about.

If you put too many keywords in your title then it will harm your rank on google.

So make your post’s title simple and understandable.

Your title will be shown in many places so make sure that it is nice because it will be seen by people instead of google.

People should understand your title. Make such title which reflects your post.

Meta description

These are some lines about your post which reflects your post.

These can be found below the title of posts in results of a search engine. The meta description tells a person about the content in the post.

It gives very important information to a search.

Because after seeing the meta description, a person decides whether to see the whole article or not.

Sometimes what happens is that we can’t guess what is written in the post after seeing title only.

So Google shows us this meta description which helps a person understanding the content of the post.

To write a meta description easily, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin can help you in writing title, meta description of your post and you can also change URL of the post with its help.

The meta description for your post should be simple and understandable and it should describe your post.

It should be attractive so that people click on your post as soon as they see it.

Page speed


The speed of your page will determine how many people will actually see your post.

If your site loads too fast, a lot of people will stay on your site.

If your site takes too much time to load then many people will bounce from your site without seeing your site or its content.

It may be that you wrote great content, but due to the slow loading of your site, your content was not seen by many people.

Your page speed will affect your site’s ranking on Google.

That’s why you have to take care that your site loads very quickly or your site’s rank will fall.

Mobile friendliness

You may not know but nowadays the number of people who use a Smartphone is greater than the number of people who use a laptop.

In this era of technology, the smartphone has gained more importance.

Nowadays, no one wants to use a laptop because they all have a smartphone.

Anyone can use a smartphone to search for anything. So you have to make your site mobile friendly so that people can search for it on the smartphone.

You can make your site mobile friendly with the help of a mobile-friendly theme.

There are many free mobile-friendly themes in the market and you can choose your favourite.

By making your site mobile friendly, you can increase the chances of improving your rank on Google.

Link your posts

To get a better rank on google, you should put links to your other post which are related to your current post.

This way you will be able to get more visitors and visitors will be able to get more information about a specific topic.

Off-Page SEO

Off page seo

Let’s talk about off-page SEO.

In Off page SEO those factors are involved over which you have no control but they are very helpful in improving the rank of your site.

These factors can be affected by on-page SEO to some extent. If you have carefully optimized your site for google then off page SEO for your site will also be great.

Link building

Through link building, you can easily improve your site’s rank on google.

Link building is a process in which you put links to your site on some other popular sites. Link building can greatly improve your SEO.

If you have made great content then people will definitely share it.

When they share it then you will get an external link to your site.

Backlinks- Meaning, Types and Amazing ways to Gain Them

Links are of three types:

1. Natural links

To get these backlinks you don’t have to do anything.

These links to your site are put on other sites by their owners.

Other people do it when they find your article worthy and attractive.

2. Manually built links

When you tell others to put your site’s link on their site then it is called manually building links.

Only those people should do it who think that their article is detailed but it has not been given a good rank on google.

3. Self-created backlinks

When you go to a forum or online directory or comment section on other blogs and then you put a link to your site there yourself then it is a process called self-creating backlinks.

Such backlinks are not liked by google at all, so avoid doing such things frequently.

Having backlinks to your site is a good thing but it is only seen by Google as good when the sites which link to your site are well known and reputed.

If you want backlinks from reputed sites then make your article detailed, unique, easily understandable, attractive and fill it with accurate information.

Google looks at popularity, trustworthiness and domain authority of those sites which links to you and then decide what rank your site should be given.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing in Seo

Second, off page SEO factor is social media marketing.

You can improve your site’s image and reputation by using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or the most popular Pinterest.

Make accounts on social networks with your site’s name.

Add posts on social networks which represents your blog articles.

If people find your post attractive and likeable then ask them to share it.

The more people share your posts the more visitors you will get and the more reputed your site will be.

This increase in reputation will leave a good effect on your Google rank.
Influencer outreach

If you have made a good article which is shareable then ask influencer in your industry to share your article.

When a popular person shares your article then you will not only get a huge amount of organic traffic but your site’s rank will also improve.

Social Bookmarking Sites

These sites are good platforms for promoting your site.

When you bookmark your webpage on these sites then there are more chances that your article will be shared.

Some famous bookmarking sites are:


How to get high traffic to your site

If you want to get quality and high traffic to your site then you can some things which are as follows:

1. You can participate in those search forms which are related to your business and you can answer questions of people which will help in improving your reputation.

You can then take people to your site by posting links to your site.

2. You can post your blogs in blog directories which will provide you organic traffic.

3. Another good way of getting organic traffic and loyal followers questions and answer sites.

Such sites allow you to answer different questions from different people.

You can answer those questions which are related to your blog topics.

You can also put links to your blogs in your answers.

This way people will go and check your site for more information.

4. If you have made a video, image or infographic then you should upload these to those sites where they are demanded.

You can put your links with your videos then whoever sees your video will also see your site’s link and this way you can get organic traffic.

Off page SEO is very complex and contains more topics than I have written.

To fully understand it, you will have to understand the rules and process of Google.
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SEO is not a small topic and don’t take SEO lightly.

If you want to get your site on the first page of google then you have to do on page and off page SEO correctly.

You should read about SEO every day because the way the google works changes daily.

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