Ecodining set

Ecodining Set

ecodining set

Plastic can be very dangerous once you throw it. Animals or sea life die in large numbers every year because of plastic. Plastic is also dangerous to the environment and human life. Most people who go camping often use plastic spoons and forks to eat because reusable utensils are difficult to keep clean and sanitized.

After eating they throw plastic and this plastic gets swallowed by animals. Plastic can’t be digested so animals die because we use plastic spoons or forks. If you want to keep the environment clean then you should use reusable utensils. But if you think that utensils are difficult to clean and sanitize then you should get yourself an Ecodining set.

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With Ecodining set, you can easily keep your utensils clean and sanitized. Ecodining set comes with a spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks. After eating, you can rinse these utensils and put them back in the case. The case has integrated UV light and heating system which will clean, sanitize and dry your utensils.

So now you can take your utensils with you whenever you go on a trip. By using Ecodining you are helping in keeping the environment protected from plastic.


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