Domio pro- A speaker without wires and insertion into ears

Domio pro

domio helmet audio system

Whenever we go on bike for long drive , we get bored. So to entertain us we want to listen some music. Also there may be some emergency call which needs to be picked up. But we find some difficulties in using earphones or ear buds which are :

  • We have to put ear buds inside our ears through helmet which is very uncomfortable.We cannot pause music on any emergency point as ear buds are inside helmets.
  • We are not able to listen other important surrounding sounds while riding when we insert earphones into our ears.

domio helmet audio system

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So alternative to earphones, I present you a unique and wonderful device ‘Domio Pro’. It is a light weight and compact device which we can mount on helmet. It provides high quality surrounding sound through solid helmet using its high-tech audio-vibration transfer features.

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It allows you to listen phone calls clearly by cancelling other interfering surrounding sound. Because it is mounted on the outside of the helmet we can operate it easily. Also it does not block the surrounding sounds which is very important while riding.

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