Days Gone features a Rich and detailed Post-Apocalyptic world

Days Gone

Days gone

Developer – SIE Bend Studio

Publisher – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Engine – Unreal Engine 4

Platform – PlayStation 4

Release Date – February 22, 2019

Genre – Action-Adventure, Survival horror

Days gone is an upcoming action-adventure, post-apocalyptic open world game which is played from a third-person perspective.
Days gone shows us a world where 2 years ago a global pandemic killed almost everyone. This global event turned millions of humans into zombie-like creatures called Freakers. Freakers are mindless, feral creatures, which are quickly evolving and killing remaining humans.

Open World

Days gone

The open world of Days gone is set in a beautiful, volcanic scarred high desert of Pacific Northwest. In Days gone, you play as Deacon St. John who is a bounty hunter, a mercenary and a drifter who loves to go outside in a dangerous world instead of staying in his safe camp. He has a better chance of surviving in the wild because he has some surviving skills which he learned in his early life.


World of Days gone is filled with unique, beautiful and dangerous areas to explore. There is pristine forest, snowfield, lash meadow, cinnabar mines, lava tube caves, mountain caves, cliffs, river basins and desert lava fields.


There is also a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle which affect enemies. As the story of game progress, you will learn more about the pandemic. To unlock missions in the game, there are different characters with whom you can talk.

The missions can be cleared in many ways, you can choose stealth or you can use short and long-range weapons. Your enemies are many. Some enemies will move and attack in horde while others move alone. Even animals have turned into zombies and will attack you whenever they get a chance.

Weather affects your enemies, zombies will be slow and weak in the day and they will be strong, fast and aggressive at night. One thing to take care of is to not make any noise when you are near enemies.

You can travel around the world via different vehicles but mostly you will use a motorcycle because it can go through the forest easily. Although, motorcycle need frequent repair and it can’t splatter zombies.

Days gone

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Crafting Weapons

In Days gone, whenever you complete a mission then you will earn XP rewards and money which you can use to upgrade your weapons or unlock new skills and abilities. You can also craft different items which can help you in fighting enemies. Some of which are making bombs, traps and melee weapons. You can search for different items which you can use to craft. There are many places where you can search for items. Searching in vehicles, towns and buildings is one thing you must do. There are other humans too which can be your enemies, they will most likely attack you for valuable things.

Days gone looks incredibly realistic and offers beautiful environments to explore. You will slowly unravel the mysteries of the outbreak as you progress through the game.

Days gone is mostly about survivors and what makes them full of hope. It will show us how even when humans are confronted with enormous tragedy, they find a reason to live.

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