Best Xbox one games

Best Xbox one games

It has been years since Xbox one launched and there is a huge amount of games which you can play. There are games of every genre. But which one is the best. There are plenty of games but spending your money on right one is difficult. For that, you have to which game is the best. Also, there are a huge amount of best Xbox one games but suppose you can’t buy all of them then here is a list of best Xbox one games you need to see. These games are a must, you should play them.

1.  Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2 - Best xbox one games

Made for people who love shooting and stealth games, Wolfenstein The new colossus bring our hero blazkowicz to the time right after the events of a new order where our hero is really in a bad shape with his insides falling out. Kreisau circle put its best effort to put you in shape. This game will take you from killing Nazis to fighting huge fire-breathing robot dogs against whom your best tactic can be using right weapons and taking cover.

This game is generally difficult. You can either go in stealth or you can smash enemies out of your way with some heavy weapons to complete your missions. Searching areas for useful things and ammunition will keep you alive. Fighting and dying will go on in this game but never lose your hope that you can beat this game. It is a brutal, hilarious, entertaining, mind-blowing intelligent shooter game which does not need to tell you whether killing someone is right or not.

2.  Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the blind forest - Best xbox one games

Ori and the blind forest  - Best xbox one games

One of the best Xbox one games ever, ori and the blind forest is a seriously challenging 2d puzzle game with classic Metroidvania style gameplay and amazingly beautiful graphics which keeps you entertained for nearly 8 hours. A mind-blowing game which brings you to a world full of puzzles and a character with lots of abilities to crawl its way through different challenging levels which are designed very carefully. Taking each step will require you to be alerted because it is full of different challenges. Use different skills and powers of ori to move through obstacles.

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3.   Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow six siege - Best xbox one games

No. 3  on the list of best Xbox one games is Rainbow six siege. Since its launch, Siege has some new changes which now makes it hard to resist and one of the smartest multiplayer shooters with a challenging gameplay.  Due to new maps, items, bug fixes and stability improvements, the siege has changed dramatically which attracts a huge no. of players. This game has been always an entertaining first-person shooter but now it has become more competitive. It has now 15 maps sets around different locations around the world and each will give you a sensation of playing a new game every time. It is not the enemies that will kill you but the feeling that they are near will kill you.

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4.  Hellblade senua’s sacrifice

Hellblade - Best xbox one games

It is one of those games which demand you to play it by giving you a hell of a world with excellent graphics, amazing acting, mind-boggling puzzles and interesting story with great gameplay lasting for about 10 to 11 hours. This game will teach you how the life of a mentally ill person is, here that person is shenua. She is fighting mental illness along with killing enemies. Shenua’s story is amazing and you will not forget it. Solving puzzles along with brutally killing enemies will tell you shenua’s journey which is pretty much violent, tragic and horrific. You will encounter Norse myths and legends in it along with some stressful scenes. It is one of the best Xbox one games and it is full of sentiment and fear.

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5.  Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the tomb raider - Best xbox one games

One of best Xbox one games you will find is Rise of the Tomb Raider. Set in a remote and snowy section of Russia, the rise of the tomb raider provides players with a beautiful half open world full of surprises and dangerous things.

Our fierce character, Lara goes on an adventure where everything is against her, even snow. Exploration is the thing you will mostly spend your time on and finding tombs, gathering stuff and items for upgrades. Gameplay is very good, you can climb walls, jump obstacles, swim underwater along with killing your enemies in style. It is a mix of combat and tomb-raiding.

As you progress, Lara will learn new moves which help you in exploration and fighting Russian soldiers. You can sneak and shoot, climb walls and craft grenades, you can even shoot arrows into walls and climb them.

It is that kind of game which has amazing graphics and beautiful sights to see but can effortlessly change from a good sightseeing into a cinematic survival.

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