Best Upcoming Survival games | Post-Apocalyptic survival games

Hello guys, today I want to show you some of the best upcoming survival games which can launch in this year or next. These games let the player feel what its like to be alone in a world. A world where others have just turned into zombies. Games like dying light, resident evil and my favourite the last of us tells us that no matter what happens, you have to keep up your humanity and help those which need it the most. These also teaches us how to survive and gives us a sense of pride after surviving for a long time. So, Here are some of the best upcoming survival games with post-apocalyptic theme that are most anticipated and will give you lots of hours of crazy mind-blowing action.

Best upcoming survival games

1. Days gone

Days gone - Best upcoming survival games
Publisher – Sony Interactive Entertainment Developer – SIE Bend Studio Platform – PS4 Release date – 22 February, 2019 Days gone shows us the world where planes have fallen out of skies, trains had stopped running, turbines have shut down, where towns and homes have turned into graveyards and world went dark, where feds ran out-of-body bags. People have to go into wilderness to survive from the danger that surround them. Those days are gone when people lived by a code, when brotherhood meant something and living meant more than surviving. Now you are a drifter, a bounty hunter and a mercenary and for you the  broken road is all that left. Days gone is the most anticipated and one of the best upcoming survival games.

2. The Last Of Us 2

The last of us 2 - Best upcoming survival games
Publisher – Sony Interactive Entertainment Developer – Naughty Dog Platform – PS4 Release date – TBA Next game on the list of best upcoming survival games is The Last Of Us 2. Sequel to an action packed survival horror game The last of us 2 is the most anticipated game of the year but we don’t know anything about when it will come out. All the creators have to say is that the game will be character driven and from the art to gameplay to story it will convey a message to all. The last of us 2 will be set 5 years after the events of first game. Now Joel and Ellie will once again engage in thrilling violence in a world with amazing graphics, realistic and smooth animations and this world is full of enemies and new types of zombies. This game will be focused more on revenge and hatred than love. The latest trailer show us that Ellie will be the main playable character and she looks much more terrifying and badass. The cinematic quality shown in trailer looks equal to Uncharted. It is also seen in the trailer that there will be new game mechanics such as gunplay while crouching , struggle mechanics and quick moment to moment action. New weapons such as machete, exploding arrow, daggers and guns are used by Ellie to take down group of enemies while effectively using shadows for hiding. We have not seen Joel anywhere around, rumours are revolving about Joel being killed and Ellie will avenge his death. This will be a game which will surprise you by its quality of graphics, world design and its ability to scare you by putting you in a field of zombies. Top 5 upcoming games Best Xbox one games

3. Metro Exodus

Metro exodus - Best upcoming survival games
Publisher – Deep Silver Developer – 4A Games Platform – PC, XBox One, PS4 Release date – 22 February, 2019 Metro exodus is set in Russia with a huge and immersive open world, where only few humans have survived the apocalypse and those who did not survive have become something terrifying and dangerous to humans. Our hero artyom, his wife, the leader of few survivors are the only ones who has the gut to go out of safe zone and look for supplies and other survivors. Enemies come in various shape and size, you will get chance to kill radiated wolfves, radiated shrimps, zombies and the demon who looks like a big vampire. Other than these you will also have to fight evil humans who just want to kill you for valuable items. You can choose from various weapons, such as, bastard gun which lives up to its name, shambler shot-gun to blast enemies into pieces and kalash which is a long rifle. These 3 are just basic weapons. Progressing through the game will unlock more weapons. So it’s definitely going to be an epic post-apocalyptic game with beautiful graphics and interesting story, a game which mixes stealth and deadly combat with exploration and survival horror. So, do you think you can survive? It has everything which makes it one of the best upcoming survival games.  

4. Mutant Year zero – Road To Eden

Mutant-road to eden - Best upcoming survival games
Publisher – The Bearded Ladies Developer – Funcom Platform – PC Release date – 2018 Combine a strategy game like age of empires and a first person shooter and boom, you got mutant year zero road to Eden. Choose from one of 3 playable characters – bormin, dux, Selma to survive in this huge, beautiful open post-apocalyptic world where everyone except one is mutant. All 3 are mutants. Selma is a girl who is fast and mostly kill enemies from a distance. Bormin is a huge walking pig with high health and can do high damage to enemies. Dux is a flying and walking duck with rifle to shoot enemies from above their head. In this world,  it depends on you to choose the best strategy to clear a mission. Clearing enemies from their fort will be the common theme for most short mission but big missions will be a lot different and difficult. After clearing a mission you can search the area for some loot boxes which can help in increasing your character’s abilities and clothing. You can also upgrade weapons and buy new weapons. It is a strategy, stealth and shooter game with huge beautiful open world and with a great story (which unfolds as you progress) and amazing gameplay.

5. Biomutant

Biomutant - Best upcoming survival games
Publisher – THQ Nordic Developer – Experiment 101 Platform – PC, PS4, XBox One Release date – 2018 Biomutant is an open world, post apocalyptic action role-playing game with kung-fu style gameplay. In this game, you play game a little furry mutant creäture which you can customize from head to toe. The game has a unique beginning, it’s not like other games which start with a story instead this game just throw you into fighting monsters. You can kill enemies with either gun or kung fu style mêlée. The game features an open world with rich graphics, dynamic weather, changing seasons and much more. As you progress in the game you will face many types of enemies, you will find new toys to help you explore quickly and new ways to move through obstacles, for e.g. To go to higher ground you can use mushrooms to jump higher. You will also get new gadgets like grappling hooks, hang-glider and gadgets to climb surfaces, and giant machines to ride. This game looks amazingly creative and fun. The developer of the say about this game that “there are only developers working on this game, there are no producers, so all are trying to make this game full of fun”. You can also customize different parts of weapons in crafting system which will give you thousands of possible combinations. There will be multiple endings of game. A giant tree is in the centre of map and it has five roots which stretch to different places in the map. To stop the world from being poisioned, you have to defeat different bosses at the end of roots. It’s up to whether you want to see the world grow or deteriorate. It looks like a very creative game with unlimited fun. I will definitely buy this when it will release. F1 2018 Game  Shadow of the Tomb Raider game | Tomb raider 3 Red Dead Redemption 2 | Every New Feature in the Game

6. Dead Island 2

Dead island 2
Publisher – Deep Silver Developer – Sumo Digital Platform – PC, PS4, XBox One Release date – TBA Dead island 2 is the sequel to the amazing game dead island and one of the most anticipated post-apocalyptic game. We will get to see what happens several months after the events happened in the end of dead island. It will take place in many different locations in California instead of an island. The game is one of the best upcoming survival games and will introduce new changes in combat mechanics. It will be an open world game which brings features from previous game such as rage and crafting system along with its own new features and never before seen handcrafted weapons to kill hordes of zombies. It will be more vibrant than previous game and will feature 4 different playable character with different abilities, 8 player will be able to play co-op multiplayer.

7. Frostpunk

Frostpunk game- best upcoming survival gamesFrostpunk game - best upcoming survival games Publisher – 11 bit studios Developer – 11 bit studios Platform – PC Release Date – April 24, 2018 The developer of This War is Mine comes with another game called Frostpunk. If you have played This War of Mine then you will find Frostpunk similar to it. One thing which is similar is the player’s moral compass. Frostpunk shows an alternate world where most everything is consumed by Frozen tundra. Those who have survived are forced to take shelter near heat sources or they will die. In Frostpunk, you control a whole city. It is your duty to help those who need it most. It is a survival game with elements of tycoon-style city builder which makes it one of the best upcoming survival games. Along with keeping civilians alive and healthy, you also need to grow your city. You can do that by building medical treatment centres, training staff, sending members to search for food. You also need to take some big decisions which will reflect your moral beliefs.

8. Scum

Scum game - best upcoming survival gamesScum game - best upcoming survival games Publisher – Devolver Digital Developer – Gamepires Platform – PC Release Date – August 28, 2018 Scum is a survival game in which a group of prisoners are forced to fight each other so that people can be entertained. Fight between prisoners takes place on an island. This game is sort of battle royale, so the last prisoner standing will win the game. The story of the game is that prisoners need to fight to amuse their followers, to get sponsorship and gifts, and to get free. To win you have to focus on combat but survival is also important. So you have to take care of your character. Make sure to check his stats, make sure that he gets food and water so that his health remains high. This game is kind of like PUBG, so if you like PUBG or Fortnite then you will also like this game.

9. Fade to Silence

Fade to silence - best upcoming survival games Publisher – THQ Nordic Developer – Black Forest Games Platform – PC, PS4, XBO Release Date – August 2018 This game is so good that it make its place on the list of best upcoming survival games. Fade to Silence is a post-apocalyptic survival game. The players are placed in a deadly post-apocalyptic world and players will also face winter. The main character in the game is Ash. Ash is a tormented leader who has to survive winter along with deadly creatures. Developed by Black Forest Games, this games gives a challenge to players on every step. Every step should be taken with great care. You will continually face hostile creatures when you will gather resources. You have to decide whether to stay in a shelter or go outside to look for food. The scary theme of this game make it one of the best upcoming survival games.

10. Rust

Rust game - best upcoming survival games Publisher – Facepunch Studios Developer – Facepunch Studios Platform – PC Release – February 8, 2018 Last game on the list of best upcoming survival games is Rust. Rust is an online survival game where different players will put their survival skills to test. In the beginning, players will only be given a torch and a stone to survive. You have to collect food and items so that you can craft weapons or tools. The best tactic to survive is to make a team with other players. A team will have a greater chance of survival. Fighting other players or teams for resources will keep you amused. Kind of like Fortnite but it includes other features too. You also have to check stats of your character. Give him food, water and medical supplies so that his health remains high. 15 Best Products of 2018 Domio pro 8 Best Projectors to buy in 2018

11. Praey for the gods

Praey for the gods - Best upcoming survival gamesPraey for the gods - Best upcoming survival games Developer – No Matter Studios Publisher – No Matter Studios Mode – Single-player video game Engine – Unity Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows Genres – Action-adventure game, Survival game Praey for the gods takes you on an unforgettable journey on a desolate frozen island. You will play the role of a lone hero who is sent on this island to know why this place has a never-ending winter. This edge of a dying world is full of mysteries and danger, your only chance to survive here is to destroy the very God you believe in. With only clothes on your back, you must face the unknown dangers of this place and have to do everything to stop the winter. The survival theme mixed with a great adventure makes it one of the best upcoming survival games.

12. Desolate

Desolate - Best upcoming survival gamesDesolate - Best upcoming survival games Developer – Nearga Publisher – HypeTrain Digital Platform – Microsoft Windows Engine – Unreal Engine Genres – Survival game, Action-adventure game Modes – Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game Desolate is an open world, first-person, survival horror, an action-adventure game which takes you to a world which is full of mysteries. To solve these mysteries, you must make a research team of up to 4 people and explore this mysterious world. While solving mysteries, you must survive the dangers of this world. If you are a person who likes to solve mysteries alone then you can play solo. This mystery plus survival adventure makes it one of the best upcoming survival games.

13. Wild

Wild - Best upcoming survival gamesWild - Best upcoming survival games Publisher – Sony Interactive Entertainment Director – Michel Ancel Platform – PlayStation 4 Genres – Survival game, Adventure game Modes – Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game Next game on the list of best upcoming survival games is Wild. Wild is an open world, survival, action-adventure game which features an infinite procedurally generated prehistoric Neolithic world. In this, you play as a human who has to survive deadly creatures and other humans. You have the power to control animals. You can use different animals for different purposes. Small animals will be useful for spying on other humans or tribes. Big animals are useful in fighting. When you possess an animal, then you play from the animal’s point of view. You will use different animals having different skills for your own purpose.

14. Call of Cthulhu

Call of cthulhu - Best upcoming survival gamesCall of cthulhu - Best upcoming survival games Developer – Cyanide Engine – Unreal Engine Designer – Jean-Marc Gueney Publisher – Focus Home Interactive Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows Initial release date – 30 October 2018 Call of Cthulhu is an upcoming role-playing, a survival-horror game in which you play the role of Edward Pierce. Edward Pierce is a private investigator and he is investigating the death of a family on Darkwater island near Boston, Massachusetts. His investigation will eventually lead to the discovery of the revival of the Great Old One Cthulhu. This game features a semi open-world. It uses Lovecraftian and psychological horror theme. Call Of Cthulhu is inspired by a short story written by H.P.Lovecraft named “The Call of Cthulhu”. It is also an adaptation of a 1981 video game with the same title.

15. Resident Evil 2

Resident evil 2 - Best upcoming survival games Publisher – Capcom Genre – Survival horror Mode – Single-player video game Initial release date – 25 January 2019 Developer – Capcom Series – Resident Evil Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows Resident Evil 2 is an upcoming survival horror game which is completely different from the original Resident Evil. It features different types of deadly creatures which you will face while progressing through the story and features an over the shoulder camera for playing the game instead of a fixed camera angle. Also, it supports both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, so you will be able to play this game in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

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