Blogging tips: Best SEO tips for New Bloggers

Some of the best seo tips for new bloggers

Many people want to do blogging and want to share their knowledge and that’s why they create a site.These people work hard to make detailed and good articles, but after a short time, they feel that fewer visitors are coming to their site.

These people think that their articles are not good enough but in reality, this is not true. The reason for the lack of visitors to their site is something else. If it has happened to you too that you have created a new site and you are providing good articles. But even after that, there are fewer visitors to your site then one of the reasons for this is that people do not even know that your site exists. You have to tell people that you have your own site on which a lot of useful information is available.

If you follow these seo tips that I am going to tell you, then more visitors will start coming to your site.

Best SEO Tips For New Bloggers

Create and Submit A Sitemap

The first mistake that people make after creating a new site is that they do not create a Sitemap and do not submit it.

A Sitemap is a map of your site. It shows everything that is on your site. In the sitemap, all the pages or all the articles on your site are shown. You can create a Sitemap for your site very easily. You can use the Google XML sitemap plugin to create a sitemap.

Best seo tips for new bloggers

Use Webmasters Tools

Now making sitemap will not be enough, it will also have to be submitted. You can submit it with the help of any search engine’s webmaster tools.

Best seo tips for new bloggersGoogle search console

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Right now the most used search engine is Google, so you can use Google’s Webmaster Tools. For this, search Webmaster Tools on Google. Now click on the link of Webmaster Tools. There you will see the option of search console, click on it. Now in the search console on the right side, you will get the add property option. Click on it and put the address of your site on it. Then you have to verify that the site whose address you have entered is yours.

Best seo tips for new bloggersBest seo tips for beginnersSitemapSitemap

After confirming this, your property or site will be added to Google and search console.

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Now when you click on your property, you will get many options, out of which you will have to click on the sitemap option. Where you can submit the sitemap of your site. Google will index your site after submission. After indexing, Google will rank all the articles on your site. If your articles are good then they will get a good rank and your site will get more visitors.

Even after the site is indexed, you should do many more things so that more and more people can see your site. I will tell you now about how you can do this.

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Social Bookmarking Sites

Best seo tips for beginners

These are the sites that provide different articles to millions of people. Different types of articles are available on these sites. Bloggers share their articles on these sites and when people see those articles then the volume of visitors increases on those articles. Social bookmarking sites are an organic way to get more page views to your articles.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

Stumble Upon.






We Heart It.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a great way to get more visitors. For this, create an account on Twitter and share your articles. Not only share your own articles, but also those articles that relate to your topics. This will give new information to people and more and more people will like your page. People can easily share your articles on Twitter. And the more times your articles are shared, the more visitors will come to your site.

Blogging tips: Best SEO tips for New Bloggers

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4. Facebook

Facebook is the most used social site in the world, so take advantage of it. Just like you can create one on Twitter, you can also create a page on Facebook. You can create more attractive pages on Facebook. You have to increase followers of your page and to achieve this you can do many things such as:

Posting new articles every day

Using tags that are searched most by people.

You can get more visitors by making your page unique.

Some famous sites that have maintained a page on Facebook have had their articles shared on Facebook at least 1000 times.

5. Pinterest

Another social site that is used by many bloggers. Pinterest is a site where you can create your account and upload pictures. You can upload links to your articles with those pictures. By doing this, people can visit your site. The pictures you upload are called pins. These pins can be saved by people. The more people save these pins, the more people will come to your site. Many bloggers use Pinterest to gain millions of visitors every month.

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