8 Best Projectors to buy in 2018

Hello guys, today i want to show you 8 best projectors which will let you enjoy movies in Full HD on a big screen size. All of these have their unique features. Few of them are for enjoying movies and others are all in one projectors. Some of them are portable and some of them are expensive. It depends on you which one you like the most. Check them out.

1. OJO Portable Nintendo Switch Projector

OJO Portable Nintendo Switch ProjectorOJO Portable Nintendo Switch Projector

OJO is a portable projector to which you can connect your Nintendo switch and start playing games on a big screen. This projector can project your games on any flat surface with a viewing area of 120 inches. This projector not only project but it also has a built-in 5W speaker which produces very good sound.

Also it comes with an AC adapter but you will not need it because it has internal power pack of 20,400mAh which will let you enjoy latest games for hours. Additionally, you can charge your other devices while you play games.

Price – $399

2. LG HD LED Portable MiniBeam Projector

LG HD LED Portable MiniBeam Projector

If you want to see movies in in HD on a big screen then this is the best. Enjoy movies in HD on a 100 inch screen with LG HD LED MiniBeam projector. It display clear and highly detailed images which lets you see and read texts more clearly. Fully charge it for once, and you can enjoy movies for 4 hours. Also it has a wireless monitoring function which lets you easily access your content through a smartphone or tablet. Because it is very small, you can take it anywhere and enjoy movies. Additionally, it will not break down any soon because it does have a lifetime of 30000 hours.

Price – $382

3. Lumes Portable All-In-One Projector

Lumes Portable All-In-One Projector

Lumes is not only a projector but it is also a power bank and a speaker. It is lightweight (370 grams), and has a modular design which means you can arrange the different parts of it as you wish. It projects video in HD, 3D as well as 4k resolution. Because of its small size, You can carry it anywhere you want and because of its modular design you can carry not the whole gadget but the part which you require – speaker, power bank or projector.

You can use it with laptops, desktops, TV players, media player and game consoles and much more. You can also control it via your smartphone, just download lumes app and you will be ready to watch your favourite content on a big screen.

Price – $259

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4. Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Sony promises quality and it is true this time also. Sony’s latest projector looks stunning, it has marble top and wooden shelf. This projector projects display size of 120 inches while keeping a distance of 9.6 inches from the surface you want to view on. It uses advanced SXRD technology to produce stunning images. It supports both 4K and HDR.

It offers a brightness of 2500 lumens , which enables you to enjoy movies in both night and day. It also has Glass Sound Speaker which deliver rich audio in every direction. Person sitting near and person sitting far from it will listen the same quality of music. But the only thing which is not so great is its price which is $30000.

Price – $30000

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5. ViewSonic PX727 4K Resolution Projector

ViewSonic PX727 4K Resolution Projector

ViewSonic is a smart, affordable and 4K resolution projector. While delivering stunning cinematic colour and an amazing 4K resolution, it also offers light output of 2200 lumens by using XPR technology. It enables you to enjoy movies anytime. It is HDR compatible and it comes with six-segment RGB color wheel. Aside from High Quality video output, it also lets you zoom in 1.2 times. For connecting it to a device , you get HDMI 1.4 And 2.0 output and VGA too. Its speaker fills the entire room with sound so everybody can listen to the high quality music.

Also, you can expand its life by switching to SmartEco mode which reduces power consumption. For controlling options, the on-screen display includes power management, image, display and more. It is easy to set up and you get all that specific features for an affordable price.

Price – $1499

6. Touch jet WAVE Virtual Touchscreen TV Projector

Touch jet WAVE Virtual Touchscreen TV

With the Touch jet WAVE, you can pretty much turn any flat screen tv into a smart TV. You can add touch function to any flat screen TV. Attach it to Tv, connect via HDMI and your flat screen tv will be controlled by touch.

Also it features Android, so you can download anything from playstore and with its multi touch support you can play games on it as you play on your smartphone. You can also use Touchjet app to control your tv if you feel too lazy to control your tv with touch. This portable projector is best for presentation also and you can attach it and control any tv with display of up to 65 inches.

Price – $254

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7. BenQ CineHome W1700 Affordable 4K Projector

BenQ CineHome W1700 Affordable 4K ProjectorBenQ CineHome W1700 Affordable 4K Projector

This is the most affordable 4k projector with a price tag of only $2108. With 8.3 million pixels, it offers true 4K quality video projection. Also , it features Cinematic Color technology which brings life to every image you see. And when you use HDR, then it can project hyper realistic videos.

The images projected are ultra bright and shows incredible details. The projected video will look so real that you will feel connected to everything you see. And while having so many features it still is the most affordable 4K projector you will see in the market.

Price – $2108

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8. JmGO P2 Portable 3D Projector

JmGO P2 Portable 3D ProjectorJmGO P2 Portable 3D Projector

With only Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, you can stream anything you want (from movies to games) with this JmGO P2. You can stream content from you laptop, tablet or smartphone. This little projector supports different display sizes, from 40 inches to 180 inches. But you will get the best picture quality on 100 inch display. It supports both HD and Full HD resolution and it offers a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

While it runs on android 4.4 but it can give you access to some of the best apps out there like Netflix, YouTube etc. Also it has a battery life of 5 hours. Additionally, the design it is like a water bottle so it can fit in any bag and you will be able to take it anywhere. Now, you can watch your favourite movies anytime anywhere.

Price – $679

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