Best Modern Water Bottles – Each with Unique Design

Dual bottle V2

Dual bottle V2 water bottles

Dual bottle V2 is a type of water bottle which gives you 2.2-litre water while also tracking your daily water intake. It tracks the amount of water you drink.

Dual bottle V2 is reusable, durable, patented in Europe and provides enough water to last a day. Whether you are at or outside, this water bottle will help you focus on your work. By having a leak-proof cap and stable base it let you use it with confidence every time.

It comes with an app which enables you to track and record your daily water consumption. The app can find nearby locations to refill bottle and it also lets you monitor your progress over time. Additionally, Dual bottle V2 comes in 5 colours so that you can choose your favourite.

Soma Glass Water Bottles

Soma Glass Water Bottles

When you have most delicious filtered water then you should carry it in the most amazing water bottle, which is Soma Glass Water Bottle. This water bottle comes with a soft but durable silicone sleeve which protects the glass.

Also, this stunning bottle comes with a water holding capacity of a perfect 17 ounces. You can take this bottle with you anywhere because its shining body will add to your beauty.

Soma Glass Water Bottle has a beautiful natural bamboo cap on the top which protects from leaking. The smooth mouth design makes each sip comfortable and refreshing. There are four stylish colours of silicone from which you can choose your favourite – white, grey, mint and eggplant.

The most amazing thing is that whenever someone buys this bottle then the company makes a donation to water. Water is their non-profit partner which helps in providing clean drinking water around the world.

Space Shaker Collapsible Travel Bottle

Space Shaker water bottles

With Space Shaker Collapsible Travel Bottle you can easily travel without thinking of how to remain hydrated. This bottle, as the name suggests, can collapse very easily which lets you take your protein shake anywhere you go.

It has a space-efficient design which allows you to put it in small bags. Space Shaker is designed in a way that you can easily hold it in your hands. Also, its bellows provide an ideal grip and help in breaking powder clumps in your protein.

There is a click-on mixer attached under the lid which makes your drink smooth. The attached mixer also works as an infuser. For using Space Shaker first you should remove the lid then put water or protein shake inside and then close the lid for safe travelling. To drink it, first open the lid so that bottle can expand and then shake it before drinking.

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ZAZA: The First Plant-Based and Customizable Water Bottles

ZAZA water bottles

ZAZA is the only plant-based, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, leak-proof water bottle. It is also the only customizable water bottle out there. With ZAZA drinking tap water becomes a fashionable and enjoyable experience. ZAZA is all about sustainability. The main motive of ZAZA is to promote tap water because it is tasty, environment-friendly, fair, abundant and affordable.

Fontus – The Self Filling Water Bottles

Fontus Water Bottles

If you have Fontus with you then you will never run out of the water. It is an advanced self-filling water bottle which fills itself with water automatically. It does not matter in which corner of the world you are, this bottle will fill itself with water.

Fontus creates water out of light and air and this makes it the perfect gadget for those who need to refill their water bottles on the go. When Fontus is with you then you will never need to take heavy water bottles. Now, when on a trip, you will never have to find a river or gas station to get your water supply. Fontus can even save your life when in need.

Fontus Airo can be clipped to a backpack so that you can move freely and it will fill your bottle while you are hiking. It will work even when you are in motion. Fontus Airo is for travellers whereas the Fontus Ryde is made for bicyclists. This water bottle is a must-have gadget for those who travel a lot.

Lyd Intelligent Water Bottles

Lyd Intelligent Water Bottles

This intelligent water bottle will keep you hydrated every hour. Its design is such that you can access water from any angle. Regardless of how you pick it up, this water bottle allows water to flow.

There is an automated cap which controls the flow of liquid and the integrated smart lid opens as soon as it touches your lips. Don’t worry about spilling because it closes very fast when you are done drinking.

Because of its design and the technology used, you can easily enjoy your beverage with just one hand. Additionally, for keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot it has a vacuum insulated flask.

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REFLEX All-In-One Shaker Bottles

REFLEX water bottles

REFLEX is a versatile and convenient water bottle. Its integrated scooper can hold up to 60 grams and it also features a supplement storage and release system. There is a twist-release mechanism which releases everything from supplement storage chamber into the water.

The supplement storage feature is very useful and it makes it easy to scoop, slot and go. The storage compartment at the bottom is very good for storing extra supplements. You can mix your protein powder because it features two weighted dumbbell mixers. Also, its top section is leak-proof so don’t worry about leaking.

JuNiki’s Double Neck Hygienic Drinking Water Bottles

JuNiki’s water bottles

Want to take your favourite drinks with you then you can do it with JuNiki’s Double Neck Hygienic Drinking Bottle. It is a very portable, clean and convenient bottle. This bottle works with both hot and cold drinks.

JuNiki’s offers a lot of benefits because it has an innovative double necked cap. There is a small opening and a wide opening. Small opening makes it easy to drink without spilling. On the other hand, the wider opening is useful when filling it with hot or cold drinks. Its unique design let you fill it horizontally which is good when you use juice stations. It is completely spill-proof and even works with carbonated drinks.

JuNiki’s features hygienic design so it is easy to clean. Additionally, JuNiki’s comes in both glass and steel options. The glass JuNiki’s is made of Borosilicate Glass so it is resistant to temperature shock and works great as a tea infuser. The stainless steel version of JuNiki’s is insulated with vacuum and comes in two sizes- 18 oz. and 32 oz.

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Hip Flask Water Bottle

Hip Flask Water Bottles

Hip Flask has a unique shape and fits easily in your bag or backpack. This water bottle has a design shaped like a flask which makes it easy to carry.

It is BPA-free, recyclable and dishwasher safe. Because of texture and colour, it looks more attractive than the regular reusable bottle. It comes in six different colours. Also, this water bottle is made of Triton plastic with colourful silicon details on it.

You can attach it to your bag by using a silicone strap. And if someone buys this bottle from Water For People then Hip provides safe drinking water to those in need for 2 days.

Memobottle Reusable Slim Water Bottle

Memobottle water bottles

This is one of a kind bottle featuring width of an inch only. Its design makes it so slim that you can easily take it anywhere with you. Memobottle can fit in your pocket, purse, bag and backpack. There are two sizes of this bottle – one is A5 and other is A6. A5 is the bigger one and can hold water up to 750ml.

A5 is better than A6 but A6 is more portable. Design of this bottle makes it so special. It is lightweight and is the slimmest bottle you will ever see. Memobottle is reusable and made of recyclable material. It is a million times better than plastic bottles because it saves the environment.

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