Best Free SEO Tools For New Bloggers to Improve Rank

Best Free SEO Tools

There are many SEO tools with the help of which you can improve your rank, but only a few of them are the best free seo tools and you can see them all here.

1. Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, Search Console, etc.

Best free seo tools

Google provides many tools that a blogger can use for his benefit.

With Google keyword planner, you can check keywords which are related to your topic. Also, you can get information about these keywords such as their competition, monthly search volume.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can know more about visitors to your site. Google Analytics helps you know how many visitors come to your site every day, where they come from, which page they visit, how long they stay, etc.

You can index your site with the help of search console. With its help, you can upload a sitemap of your site. It also helps you to know whether your articles are performing well or not.

2. Answer the Public

This is a very useful SEO tool. With the help of this SEO tool, you can find new keywords. In this, if you search any word, you will find many types of keywords related to that word. These keywords can be of many types such as: –






You can sort some important and similar keywords and include them in your article.

3. Yoast SEO

Best free seo tools

This is a very popular and most used free SEO tool that can help improve the rank of your articles. With the help of this, you can optimize your posts according to the search engine. It can help you in knowing whether-

-your article is readable or not.

-or not you put the keyword in the required places.

-You have added an alt attribute to images or not.

With the help of this, you can create a good, easy to read, SEO friendly article.

Yoast SEO is a free plugin that you can easily download and improve the SEO of your site.

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4. Beam Us Up

Best free seo tools

This SEO tool can crawl your site well and audit your site. With the help of this, you can find errors on your site. It also helps you to know whether the structure of your site is good or not.

5. Keyworddit

This SEO tool can give you keywords from Reddit. Enter any Subreddit in it and it will show you all the keywords it has on it. It will also show you the monthly search volume of these keywords, from which you can choose the best keywords.


Best free seo tools

With the help of this SEO tool, you can see all the emails on any site. Just enter the URL of any site in it and it will give you a list of all the emails on that site. With this, if you want to contact a person, then you can find his email and talk to him.

7. Responsive Design Checker

Best free seo tools

This SEO tool is used a lot nowadays because with its help you can know whether your site works properly on mobile, laptop and tablet.

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Nowadays most people use only mobile to do some search on the Internet. Therefore it has become necessary for bloggers to ensure that their site works better on mobile. If their site does not work well on mobile, then they may lose a lot of visitors.

8. Similarweb

Similarweb is an SEO tool that shows the amount of monthly traffic to your site. It shows how many visitors come to your site every month and which pages they visit the most.

9. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

With the help of this SEO tool, you can make your site very fast. This tool will compress all the images on your site which will increase the loading speed of your site. Google gives good rank only to sites which load quickly. So, if you want your articles to get good rank then compress images on your site.

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Best Free SEO Tools For New Bloggers to Improve Rank

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10. Robots.txt Generator

This SEO tool generates robots.txt file. This is the file that must be present on every web server because this file gives instructions to robots (e.g., Googlebot) which pages to crawl and which not to.

11. SEMRush

It is a complete SEO suite and is a premium SEO tool. With the help of this, you can check the SEO of your site or you can also find new and best keywords. It has a free plan and also a premium plan. You can also learn a lot with the help of its free plan. In its free plan, you will get many features, which are the following:

One project to set up;

Up to ten rows of data in Analytic reports;

Max. ten daily requests in Analytics tools;

Max ten Keywords to track in Position Tracking Tool.;

Ten SEO ideas units (number of Keyword analysis runs for the On-Page SEO Checker tool);

100 Pages crawl limit with Site Audit.

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12. Google Pagespeed Insights

This is a very useful free SEO tool. It helps you know the speed of your site. If you put the URL of any site on it, then you will see the loading speed of that site. With the help of this, you can know how fast a site is running.

When you enter your site’s URL in it, it will show you a score between 0 and 100. If your score is between 0 to 50, it means your site is slow and needs to be made faster. This tool will also give you suggestions on how you can make your site fast.

If your score falls between 50 to 100, then your site gets loaded very quickly or its loading speed is very good. If your site is slow, try to speed it up because the speed of your site affects your rank.

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