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9 Best SEO Ranking Factors to Rank on First Page of Google

You will also want the blog post you have made comes on the first page of Google, but you do not know how you can bring your post to the first page of Google. To come to the first page of Google, you have to do search engine optimization in a good way. You have to make your article such that Google ranks that article well. To do this, you have to know some SEO ranking factors which will help you in getting a good rank for your article.

There are many Seo ranking factors but I will talk about only the most important ones. If you understand these factors correctly then your blog post will get a good rank.

Best SEO Ranking Factors

1. An Accessible and Secure Website

SEO Ranking Factors

To get a good rank for your article, first of all, you should have a good site that is also secure and accessible by people. If you have a site that people cannot access, then there will be no benefit in making your articles. So the first thing you need is a secure and accessible website.

You should have a website that can be crawled by Google Bots. When Google crawls your site, then it will analyse all the content on your site and index your site.

To make your site secure, you can use the SSL certificate which you can buy easily from your domain provider.

2. Loading Speed of Website (Including loading speed on Mobile)

SEO Ranking Factors

The loading speed of your site is a very important factor in SEO. If someone clicks on your site’s URL and your site does not load quickly then it means your site is very slow and it will not be good for you. The loading speed of the site is the most important factor in SEO. Therefore you have to increase the loading speed of your site and decrease the loading time.

You have to increase your page speed on both mobile and laptop.

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3. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness means your site looks good on mobile and people can navigate your site well. Your site should run well on mobile. People should not have any problem with viewing your site on mobile.

Your site should be mobile-friendly. Your site should be such that it can be viewed on both mobile and desktop. To make your site mobile friendly, you can choose a good theme that is mobile friendly. There are a lot of free WordPress themes, Attractive as well as mobile-friendly.

When your site is mobile-friendly, then it can be searched by people who use mobile. In today’s world, people use mobile more and laptops less. When your site is mobile friendly then more and more people will be able to see your site and this will also increase the rank of your site.

4. Domain Age, name, and Authority

SEO Ranking Factors

Domain age helps increase your site rank. It has been seen that Google gives better rank to those domains whose age is 3 or 4 years.

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Domains which are only 6 months old are difficult to get a good rank. So if you have just started blogging then you will have to make good blog posts for at least one year, then you will start getting a good rank.

The other thing that is related to domains and can give your site a good rank is domain authority and page authority. Domain and page authority display authority of your site. These authorities are up to 100 points. If your domain and page authority is more than 50, then it means that your page has more chances to get a good rank.

Domain and page authority grows by writing good and quality articles. The more people share your articles, the more your domain and page authority will increase.

A domain name can also give your site a good rank. If you have the domain name of the same topic on which you write articles, then it increases the chances of your site getting a good rank.

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5. Well Optimized Content

Content refers to the information found in a blog post. Google gives good ranking to only those articles which provide quality content.
By quality content, I mean information or content that is unique and fresh. If you copy and write articles from other sites, then your article will not get rank.

Write an article that is not a duplicate but is new, unique and provides fresh information. Write an article that provides detailed information.

If people see your article and read it completely, then understand that you have written a good article. If people come to your site but do not return quickly or if your site has a low bounce rate, then you have written an informative article.

Write everything necessary about the topic you are writing about. Your article should be at least 1000 words. Articles from 1000 to 2000 words get better rank. If you have written everything important about your topic and still your article is not made of 1000 words then don’t worry, your article will get a good rank if people will like it.

6. Keywords and On-Page SEO

In this, we put keywords in main places. Keywords are words that people put in the search bar to search for something. These words represent the topic of an article. These words tell people what the article is about. We should use such words in our article.

If you want a good ranking on Google, then keywords should be entered in the title, headings, URL and meta description. Do not use keywords more often in an article. Keywords should be inserted only where necessary. Adding keywords more often is not good for your website.

The meta description and the title of article should be such that attracts the people and forces the people to read your article.

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7. User Experience

Google will give your site a good rank if your site provides a good user experience.

User experience means how people feel after visiting your site. If they like your site, then your site will get a good rank. To see the user experience, Google looks at the bounce rate of your site and the time that people stay on your site.

Your site will rank well if-

A. People come to your site but do not go back quickly
B. People will spend more time on your site
C. More and more people will come to your site.

8. Links

There are three types of links.

Inbound links

Outbound links

Internal links

Inbound links mean if another person links your site to from their site. If your site is linked by a famous site, then your site will get a good rank. More inbound links from famous sites will quickly improve your rank on Google. Inbound links are one of the most important SEO Ranking factors.

Outbound links mean when you provide a link to another site on your site. If you link the content of famous sites that are related to your content on your site, then your site can get a good rank.

Internal links mean that when you create an article and you have previously created related articles on the same topic, then link those old articles in your latest article. This will let Google know that people can find lots of relevant articles about the same topic on your site. Internal links will improve your site’s rank.

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9. Social Media Sharing

It has been found that if your articles are shared too much then your site will get a good rank. So share your articles on social sites. If people like your articles, they will also share further and more people will come to your site. With the help of social sites, you can improve your rank on Google.

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