3 Awesome Solar lanterns You should buy right now

Hello guys, today I want to show you 3 awesome solar lanterns which you should have with you wherever you go. These are portable and small but are made of high quality materials and can last for a dozen of hours. Made for outdoor adventures, these also provides power to your devices. Check them out.

Gloster Ambient Cocoon Outdoor Light

Gloster Ambient Cocoon Outdoor Light - 3 Awesome solar lanternsGloster Ambient Cocoon Outdoor Light-3 Awesome solar lanterns

If you are looking for adding some soft mood and romantic lights to your outdoor space then this is the best light. This ambient cocoon outdoor light looks like a delicate cocoon but it is made from high quality plastic which makes it durable. It has a solar charged LED which illuminates your house and gives you a romantic touch. Also, gloster ambient cocoon outdoor light comes with a remote control which you can use to create 3 light settings and when it is fully charged then it can run for 4 hours on maximum light settings.

Additionally, if you want to hang it somewhere then you can use the wire which comes with it. It really looks like a soft and beautiful cocoon and can make your house more beautiful.

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BioLite Base Lantern XL Bluetooth Lantern

BioLite Base Lantern - 3 Awesome solar lanternsBioLite Base Lantern - 3 Awesome solar lanterns

This is world first flat lantern and charging device. With its 12000 mAh Li-ion battery you can charge all your devices. Folding legs of it which are made from Stainless steel lets you set it, hang it and attach it anywhere you like.

It is compact, beautiful and unique lantern which you can control through Bluetooth or app. You can set timer or change its brightness level and also activate motion detection. The app also provide feedback about energy in real time. This is the best lantern which gives perfect amount of light.

BioLite – PowerLight – Orange


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LuminAID 2-in-1

LuminAID 2-in-1 - 3 Awesome solar lanternsLuminAID 2-in-1 - 3 Awesome solar lanterns

This solar device is a two in one gadget- it is both a phone charger and solar lantern. It gets flat so it is easy to take anywhere.

This has 4 brightness levels and a flashing mode for emergency. It can be recharged either via USB cable or built in solar panels. Once it get full charged then it can run for dozen of hours. It comes in two options – PackLite Max and PackLite Hero both of which run for different amount of time.
This is a perfect gadget for those who loves camping and hiking. It only weights 11 ounces but it still is a powerful and unique gadget.

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  1. These are all so awesome! Thank you for sharing. My dad is actually looking into solar lanterns for the backyard. I’ll be sharing this with him. Thanks a ton!

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