3 Awesome Gadgets You should buy

Hello guys, today I want to show you 3 unique and awesome gadgets which are pretty useful in their own way. These includes an EDC system, a smart and compact telescope and a very good, efficient and small alternative to your washing machine.

Modular wearable EDC system

Modular wearable EDC systemModular wearable EDC systemModular wearable EDC system

Make a multi tool as per your need with this gadget. By combining different types of modules you can make yourself an EDC tool.

It has two types of modules in it, one which will make outer shell of system and the second is called mid module which contains 11 tools which are very useful. The outer module can be a 27 lumen flashlight which last for 45 minutes on one charge or it can be a small magnetic charging cable with 3 connector options-Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C.

Inner modules contain tools which range from screwdriver to wrenches and there is a NEFA knife with 2” clip point blade and with thumb jibbing for holding it. Also there is bottle opener too. You can also use Para cord pull to hold this EDC tool and attach it to your pockets with a pocket clip.

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Stellina Smart Telescope

Stellina Smart TelescopeStellina Smart TelescopeStellina Smart Telescope

It is a telescope which is compact, smart, portable, sleek, stylish, unique and lightweight (24lbs.)

It is smart because you can control it with an app and you can see what you want to see in the space by using app.

Just adjust the camera on this telescope and it will send you real time pictures of space within 5 minutes along with info on what you are seeing. If you live in light polluted area then take it to less light polluted area and take beautiful pictures of the space and share with your friends and amaze them. Is not it a cool gadget.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

This gadget will clean your clothes, jewellery, baby bottles and pretty much everything on a microscopic level. This gadget is smaller and uses 40 times less water and energy than a regular washing machine. It uses ultrasonic sound waves to create high-pressure bubbles which will take away any oil or dirt from your clothes or other stuff.

Also, It is easy to use, put water in sink, put this gadget in, set the timer, put some soap or detergent in water, put your clothes in water and just wait until you see oil and dirt in water. Then put out your clothes and rinse them with clean water and now your clothes are as clean as new. It is perfect gadget for those who love going on a tour.

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