27 Best plugins for WordPress you can’t do Blogging Without

After creating a WordPress site, if you want good results from your site as soon as possible, then you will have to take the help of many plugins. Now there are many plugins in the market which can improve your site. I do not want you to waste your time searching for such plugins, that is why I have prepared this list of the best plugins for WordPress.

All these plugins are free, although some of them have both free and premium versions, their free versions will be enough for you. These plugins are very easy to use and are very beneficial plugins. Some of these plugins are such that without which you cannot become a successful blogger. You should try all these plugins and if you like this post then let others know about it by sharing it.

Best Plugins for WordPress

1. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Best plugins for wordpress

With the help of Monsterinsights, you can connect your site to Google Analytics. This plugin tells you about the people visiting your site. With its help, you can add Google Analytics to your site.

Google Analytics gives you information about the different users of your site, with the help of which you can see which articles are being viewed by more people on your site.

When you use this plugin, it will show you a dashboard of Google Analytics. This dashboard will show you important details of the users of your site. Also, you can change this dashboard as you like. It is counted among the best plugins for wordpress

This plugin is so good that many big companies like Microsoft, Bloomberg, FedEx, Yelp, Subway and other companies use it.

2. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is as great as Mount Everest. This is the only plugin with the help of which you can create as many contact forms as you want for free. It is very easy to create contact forms. You can create a nice contact form by dragging and dropping the different fields.

With its help, you can create any kind of form in just 2 minutes. Apart from this, you can also change many things like;

-Form Name

-Successful Form Submission Message

-Redirection page for submit button

-Layout of form

-Form class

-Submit Button Text

Email to address

-Email From Address

-Email Name, Subject Line and Message

With the help of all these things, you can create an attractive form which will attract maximum people.

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3. Jetpack

Best plugins for wordpress

This is a plugin that should be on every WordPress site. This single plugin is equivalent to 10 plugins. It protects your site from hackers, makes your site fast, prevents spam comments, compresses images, Indicates the uptime of the site and will alert you if your site is ever down.

Jetpack has many free features and many premiums but it is the only plugin that provides so many free features. And if you buy the premium version then it is even better for you. No plugin can compete with Jetpack.

With its help, you can make the site login even more secure. It can also make backups of your site. It scans your site for malware and protects you from them.

If you buy the premium version of this then it will also give you the benefits of CDN. By using its servers, it will make the content of your site accessible to the people. By doing this, your site will load quickly. And this will improve the SEO of your site.

4. Akismet

Best plugins for wordpress

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that protects your site from spam users. Many people will put such comments on your site every day, which will have a link to another website. Such comments bother other people who visit your site and you too. There is only one treatment for such comments and its name is Akismet.

Akismet will check all the comments coming to your site and will remove the comments which will look like spam. It will also tell you about comments that look like Malicious.

5. Rank Math SEO

Best plugins for wordpress

Many bloggers have complete knowledge of SEO and that’s why they have become successful, but all the other bloggers or business owners do not have much knowledge about SEO and hence always fail in blogging.

SEO a very important and very big subject that you cannot take lightly. Its importance is very high and it is not easy to improve the SEO of your site either. To improve the SEO of your site you will have to work very hard.

To improve your site’s SEO without much effort, you have to use an SEO plugin. Right now, according to me, the best SEO plugin in the market is one and that is Rank Math SEO.

With the help of Rank Math SEO, you can bring your site to the first page of Google. With its help, you can write posts that will attract more and more people. This plugin provides more free features than Yoast SEO. The number of users using it is also very high. It provides many features for free such as-

-It checks the readability of your articles. With its help, you can know whether your article is easily understood or not.

-It will look at your keywords and tell if these keywords reflect your article or not. If the keywords are not good then you should change them and if you want to keep the same keywords then you will have to modify your article a bit.

-It will also create an XML sitemap for you, which you can submit to Google or Bing webmasters tool. Submitting a sitemap will allow a search engine to crawl your site’s content and give that content a rank.

-With the help of Rank Math SEO, you can also change the meta title, description and URL of the site.

-With its help, you can remove duplicate pages from your site.

Rank Math provides many more features and you can check them easily by going to its official website.

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6. User Registration

Best plugins for wordpress

If your site is like a retail store where you want to sell your products to people, then you would like people to create an account on your site. People can create an account on your site if your site is using a user registration plugin.

The best registration plugin in the market right now is one and only ‘User Registration’ plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can create attractive and stylish registration forms in minutes.

Creating a form is also very easy. To create a form all you have to do is drag and drop different fields into the form. With its help, users of your site can customize their account page. Whatever forms you create will be fully responsive forms, this means that these forms will look good on smartphones too.

By using this plugin, you can easily increase the sales of your products.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

Google xml sitemap

With the help of Google XML Sitemap, you can create a sitemap for your site very easily. Then you can submit that sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools after which Google will start indexing your site. This is a free plugin and if you do not know what a sitemap is and how to make it, then go to its official website. There you can find everything related to the sitemap.

Uploading your site’s Sitemap will improve your site’s ranking and more visitors will come to your site.

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8. WooCommerce


If you want to convert your site into an online store, then you do not have to waste money by hiring website designers for that. You can do this work easily with the help of Woocommerce Plugin.

It is a free, fully flexible and open-source plugin that anyone can easily use and with the help of it, convert their site into a beautiful and attractive online store.

With its help, you can create a beautiful online store which will include many things like-

-Product, Cart, and Checkout pages

-Secure payments by credit card and alternatives

-Configurable shipping options, including flat rates and label printing

-Integrate content and commerce across your site via modular blocks

-Automated tax calculations

-Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Facebook integration

-Central store dashboard with key metrics, and more.

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9. Nivo Slider

Best plugins for wordpress

With the help of the Nivo Slider, you can create content slides. With this, you can make images slides or slides of posts. This is a jquery image slider plugin which has been downloaded more than 3 million times till now. Its free version is enough for you but if you buy the premium version then you will get many more features like-

-Create sliders from Galleries, Categories and Sticky Posts

-More custom themes

-Build carousels

-Upcoming lightboxes support

-Automatic updates

-Priority support

10. W3 Total Cache

Only one plugin can do the task of making sites amazingly fast and that is w3 total cache. This plugin will increase the speed of your site, reduce the loading time and improve the SEO of your site. W3 total cache is one of the best plugins for wordpress.

People like to visit a site which opens in 2 seconds. If a site takes 10 seconds to load then very few people will like that site. If you want more people to visit your site and you want to get more pageviews, then use this plugin.

It provides many very good features such as-

Reduce your site’s loading time with the help of CDN

Improve the performance of web servers

Improve your site’s SEO by increasing your site speed

Saving bandwidth.

11. VaultPress


With the help of Vault, you can backup your site whenever you want. This plugin will backup your site every day. With the help of this, if any of your important files are deleted by mistake, then you can easily restore that file. When you keep making backups of your site, you protect yourself from accidental loss and hackers. So make a backup of your site.

12. WP-Optimize

Best plugins for wordpress

With the help of this plugin, you can make your site super fast. It makes your site super fast by compressing all the images on your site, cleaning the database and caching the pages.

It is a simple, highly effective and very popular plugin which is supported by the world’s fastest caching engine.

13. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

All in one schema.org rich snippets

First, let’s talk about rich snippet. Most of you may not know what a rich snippet is. Simply, it is nothing but a search result of a site.

It is a combination of different search results of the same site. If you search a famous site on Google, you will find all the details about the site in one place, such as the name of the site, the owner of the site, the value of that site, the reviews of that site, images, videos etc. Now if you also want your site to look great in search results, then use a plugin called All in one schema.org rich snippets.

By using this free plugin, you can make your site look better in search results so that your site will be more popular and will attract more people.

14. Wordfence Security

Best plugins for wordpress

WordPress is a very secure platform but if you want to get more security, you can do this by using a very popular plugin called wordfence security.

This plugin will check your site every day for errors and malware and if it finds any, then it will give you a warning. It will continuously protect you from viruses, malware, unauthorized logins and hackers. It makes WordPress even more secure. With its help, only you will be able to login to your site.

It has many free features and many premium ones. The free features are enough for a site and included in them are-

It will scan your themes for malware

By comparing the core files, themes and plugins of your site with the repository of wordpress.org, it will check if anything is wrong or not.

The files that have been damaged will be repaired.

Every time when someone logs in to your site then you will get notifications via email.

If you want then you can prevent the bots from logging in by using the Captcha on the login page.

You can also use two-factor authentication.

15. Broken Link Checker

Best plugins for wordpress

This plugin must be on every site. This is most useful for those sites which are very large. A very large site also has a high amount of broken links and hence this plugin is more useful for such sites.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily search all the broken links on your site and then edit them all from one place.

With its help, you can order the search engine not to follow the broken links. Using this plugin is very easy and with the help of this, you can fix all the broken links in 10 minutes.

16. Redirection

Redirection plugin

This is a free but very useful plugin for every WordPress site. With its help, you can remove 404 errors and manage 301 redirections easily.

This plugin can be used on every site whether it is small or very large.

This is a completely free plugin and more than millions of people trust it.

17. MailChimp for WordPress

Mailchimp for wordpress

MailChimp is a very popular email marketing website/tool that you can use to manage your site’s subscribers.

MailChimp for WordPress is a plugin that connects your WordPress site to your MailChimp account. By doing this you can create attractive signup forms on your site so that more and more people become your subscribers.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily manage your subscribers. This plugin can also be integrated with many other plugins and those are-

Default WordPress Comment Form

Default WordPress Registration Form

Contact Form 7


Gravity Forms

Ninja Forms 3




Events manager

Easy Digital Downloads



18. Disable Comments

Disable comments plugin

If you do not want any kind of comments on the pages of your site, then use this plugin. With its help, you can disable comments on any post type. After doing this, no person will be able to comment on the pages of that post type of your site.

You can disable comments on the entire site itself, or if you have multiple sites, you can disable comments on all those sites with just one click.

Also, you can remove all the items related to comments from your dashboard, widgets, admin bar and the admin menu.

19. OptinMonster

Optinmonster popups plugin

If you sell some products on your site, then this plugin is perfect for you. With its help, you can create attractive popups that will convert your visitors into buyers.

By using this, you can make an offer for a product in an attractive form and a popup will show your offer to visitors. You can create many such attractive popups. These popups will be visible to every visitor to your site.

This plugin has benefited millions of people. After using it, the sale of your product can easily increase up to 2 times.

20. Updraftplus

Best plugins for wordpress

UpDraftPlus is a very popular Scheduled backup plugin with over 2 million active users. With its help, you can easily make backups and restore them. When you have it, then you will not have any fear of losing content.

This will store your data in the cloud and then you can restore that data in just one click whenever you want. It supports many famous cloud storage platforms such as-


Google drive

Amazon S3 (or compatible)


Rackspace Cloud



Openstack swift

Microsoft one drive

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Storage

Backblaze b2




21. Beaver Builder

Best drag and drop page builder

Beaver Builder is a flexible drag and drops page builder that works on the front end of your WordPress website. With its help, you can create very attractive landing pages which will be fully responsive.

It is also very easy to use. Just by dragging and dropping the modules you can make a nice page. It provides many modules such as HTML, Photo, Text Editor, Audio, Video, & Sidebar.

It has many other features which include –

Full-width, column-based layouts.

Lightweight and semantic markup for maximum performance.

Photo, colour, and video row backgrounds.

Mobile-friendly, responsive layouts.

Add your own CSS classes and IDs.

Use WordPress Widgets and shortcodes.

Works with Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types.

A friendly and supportive community.

22. MemberPress

With the help of member press, you can convert a regular site into a membership site.

It will provide you with all the features that are necessary to build a membership site. With it, you can easily manage members and content and can easily receive payments.

You do not need any technical knowledge to use it because it is very easy to use. It is a very simple and user-friendly plugin.

23. CSS Hero

With the help of CSS Hero, you can easily change any theme’s CSS, that too without having knowledge of any language.

With this, when you change the CSS of the theme of your site, you will also see a live preview so that you can change the theme according to your choice.

24. Seedprod

Best coming soon page plugin

With the help of this plugin, you can create a simple work in progress page and maintenance mode page on your site.

It is best for those who think that their site is not ready yet. With its help, you can tell people whether your site is not ready yet.

What are its BENEFITS and FEATURES

Works with any WordPress Theme


Customize the Look and Feel

Easily add Custom CSS and HTML

Uses HTML5 & CSS3

Translation Ready, i18n Support

Multisite Support

BuddyPress Support

Uses WordPress Best Practices

25. The SEMrush SEO

By using this plugin, you can improve your writing skills. SEO of your posts can also be improved. Whenever you write a post, you will know its overall readability score with the help of this plugin.

It will also help you to know whether your article shows original content or not. This will let you know whether your article provides quality content or not.

With the help of this, you can see whether the keyword you have chosen is right for your article or not. It will also show you the keywords related to a post.

With its help, you can also know whether the links that are on your post are broken or not.

26. Pretty Links

Best link shortener plugin

With the help of pretty links, you can make your site’s links shorter while using the domain name of your site. By shortening the link, people will not know about the topic of the page and they will try to know what that page is about. This increases the CTR of a page and improves SEO.

It is most useful for those who want to keep their affiliate links clean and want to know who, where and from which device someone clicked on their links.

With the help of this plugin, you can see that visitors to your site are coming from which medium.

27. Shared Counts

Best social media sharing button plugin

With the help of this plugin, you can put share buttons on your posts so that people can easily share your posts on different social media.

By applying share buttons, your post can be shared and the more your post is shared, the more people will visit your site and this will improve your site’s rank.

This plugin will also show you how many times a post has been shared.

Included Buttons

– Facebook Share Button

– Pinterest Pin Button

– Yummly Button

– Twitter Tweet Button (using the third-party Twitcount.com API)

– Email Sharing (with reCAPTCHA support to prevent abuse)

– Share Count Total

– Print Button

– LinkedIn Share Button

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