22 Most Popular Blogs in the World

Popular blogs

These are the most popular blogs all around the world which provide detailed articles and make lots of money per month.

Most popular blogs in the Tech

Most popular blogs in Tech

1. Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com)

Business Insider is a very large media and news company that provides information on a lot of things very well.

It covers the topics including Cutting-edge business and technology events, entrepreneurial initiatives, creative exchanges, lifestyle concepts and leadership insights.

It is a company that gives details about every business, hence it was named Business Insider.

Apart from business, this company makes many articles every day about technology, gadgets, sports and more.

This blog is at number 1 of all the tech related popular blogs.

Alexa Rank – 244

Monthly organic visitors – 26,248,392

Backlinks – 50,030,439

2. The verge

The Verge is a technology news and media network operated by Vox Media.

This site publishes a lot of articles every day, in which you will get the related information from many topics such as news items, long-form feature stories, guidebooks, product reviews, and podcasts.

The site launched on November 1, 2011. On this site, you can learn about the latest new technologies.

Alexa Rank – 613

Monthly organic visitors – 11,445,099

Backlinks – 20,776,483

3. Techcrunch

TechCrunch is an American tech news company that tells news related to tech.

It shows information about new technologies, new gadgets, new inventions and new tech businesses.

Alexa Rank – 1,613

Monthly organic visitors – 4,638,921

Backlinks – 44,424,659

4. Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a website covering news and opinions in technology, science, politics, and society.

It was created by Ken Fisher and Jon Stokes in 1998. Most of the articles found on this site are in an informal tone.

On this site, you will find guides on issues related to computer hardware, software, video games.

Along with this, you will get to know what changes are happening in science, technology and politics.

More than half of the authors of this site are either postgraduate or are from those working in research institutes.

Alexa Rank – 3,102

Monthly organic visitors – 1,651,685

Backlinks – 21,593,176

5. Gizmodo

The site Gizmodo was created by Nick Denton as part of the Gawker media network, but now it has a distinct identity.

This site makes articles about science fiction, design and technology. It has a subsite called io9 which provides information about science fiction and futurism.

Alexa Rank – 802

Monthly organic visitors – 2,284,232

Backlinks – 21,817,431

6. Wired

Wired.com tells people how new technologies will affect our culture, economic environment and culture.

This site also tells what is the trend of technology. Which technology is best in which field and how our way of living is changing with the help of technologies.

The website provides in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology. It is one of the most popular blogs on tech.

Alexa Rank –1439

Monthly organic visitors – 5,553,981

Backlinks – 38,266,500

7. Engadget

Engadget is a blog network that creates articles about new gadgets in many languages.

The site now has a total of 10 blogs, out of which 4 blogs are in English and the rest in other languages which are operated by different people.

On this site, you will find every information related to gadgets. This is the best source to know about different gadgets.

Alexa Rank – 798

Monthly organic visitors – 3,228,526

Backlinks – 48,855,187

Most popular blogs in Food

Most popular blogs in Food

1. Kitchn

It is for those who care about the quality of their food, and how it affects the health of themselves and the planet.

It is also for those who want to cook more, but are shy in the kitchen. It’s a place to dive in deep and embrace the joy of one of our basic needs: food.

Alexa Rank – 4,385

Monthly organic visitors – 3,228,526

Backlinks – 48,855,187

2. Food52

If you want to know about food and cooking, then Food 52 is ready to help you.

This site will tell you how to make fresh unique foods. It makes articles related to cooking, by reading which you can learn about new recipes and create new types of food.

Also, this site sells unique kitchenware that will give a new look to your kitchen.

Alexa Rank – 11,625

Monthly organic visitors – 2,363,912

Backlinks – 3,770,252

3. Minimalist baker

Elegant, flavorful recipes that are simple to make and mainly vegan and gluten-free.

All recipes can be made in under 30 minutes, with one bowl, or with 10 ingredients. It is one of the most popular blogs on food.

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Alexa Rank – 13,310

Monthly organic visitors – 2,039,670

Backlinks – 406,021

4. Serious Eats

Well-tested interesting recipes, food science, techniques, equipment, and even food histories.

Also it has a highly-rated podcast hosted by founder Ed Levine.

Alexa Rank – 6,794

Monthly organic visitors – 2,621,688

Backlinks – 4,254,784

5. Budget bytes

Delicious, budget-friendly recipes with cost per recipe and per serving on each tempting image.

Recipes are easy to follow, and the site has links to everything from one-pot recipes to meal prep.

Alexa Rank – 20,781

Monthly organic visitors – 894,334

Backlinks – 420,962

Most popular blogs in Gaming

Most popular blogs in Gaming

1. Touch Arcade (www.toucharcade.com)

TouchArcade covers the latest games and apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

It offers news, hands-on previews and a bustling forum full of developers talking about their latest games.

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Alexa Rank – 38,631

Monthly organic visitors – 139,122

Backlinks – 1,622,145

2. Destructoid


You will find hundreds of blogs that simply re-create game news – none of which are on this list.

Destructoid is the only game-related blog that explains games in a very good way and entertains people by providing details about games funnily. It is one of the most popular blogs on games.

Alexa Rank – 17,783

Monthly organic visitors – 412,075

Backlinks 858,772

3. VG247 (www.vg247.com)

As many gaming blogs as there are in the UK, this blog is the most successful of them all.

It writes articles about games but its articles are different from others.

The way the writers write is very good and they tell all the details about the games in a good way, without boring anyone.

Alexa Rank – 11,049

Monthly organic visitors – 902,833

Backlinks – 2,087,228

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4. Kotaku (www.kotaku.com)

Kotaku is a very famous blog network which ranks very high in the ranks of games blogs.

The quality of its articles is very good.

The writers writing its articles show their character and this is what makes their articles stand out from the crowd.

Alexa Rank – 1,877

Monthly organic visitors – 3,314,727

Backlinks – 5,659,609

Most popular blogs in SEO

Most popular blogs in Seo

1. Backlinko

Founder – Brian Dean

Blog type – Single-author

Ahrefs Rank – 5,194

Domain Rating (DR) – 84

Average posts per month – 5

Average post length – 3,401 words

Alexa Rank – 43,077

Monthly organic visitors – 199,936

Backlinks – 801,873

Backlinko is an online marketing blog that Brian Dean launched in 2010.

The site has grown rapidly over the past five years and currently receives nearly 100,000 visitors a month—a significant number for a blog in the insanely competitive SEO niche.

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2. Ahrefs (https://ahrefs.com)

Founder Dmitry Gerasimenko

Blog type – Multi-author

Ahrefs Rank – 3,648

Domain Rating (DR) – 86

Average posts per month – 9

Average post length – 3,186 words

Alexa Rank – 5,024

Monthly organic visitors – 485,420

Backlinks – 1,056,332

Ahrefs is a multinational team with headquarters in Ukraine and Singapore.

They create meaningful and easy to use products. They provide their customers with the things that matter most to them so that they can be at the forefront of the game.

Their motto is “Do it first, then do it right, then do it better”.

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3. Moz

Founder – Rand Fishkin

Blog type – Multi-author

Ahrefs Rank – 562

Domain Rating (DR) – 91

Average posts per month – 16

Average post length – 2,036 words

Alexa Rank – 5,552

Monthly organic visitors – 745,011

Backlinks – 6,120,311

Moz is almost certainly the most well-known SEO blog, and for a good reason.

Rand and his team have published a ton of great stuff over the years, and they continue to do so regularly.

Some notable examples include his now-infamous “Beginner’s Guide to SEO” and his ever-growing collection of whiteboard Friday videos.

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4. Search Engine Watch (https://www.searchenginewatch.com)

Founder – Danny Sullivan

Blog type – Multi-author

Ahrefs Rank – 1,709

Domain Rating (DR) – 89

Average posts per month – 29

Average post length – 1,699 words

Alexa Rank – 34,986

Monthly organic visitors – 311662

Backlinks – 6,319,588

Search Engine Watch was started in 1996 by Danny Sullivan. In 1997, Sullivan sold it to MeclerMedia (now Web media Brands) for an undisclosed sum.

In 2005, the website and related search engine strategies conference series were sold to Incisive Media for $ 43 million.

On November 30, 2006, Danny Sullivan left Search Engine Watch after announcing his resignation on August 29, 2006.

The following month Rebecca Lieb was named editor-in-chief.

In 2015, Incisive Media sold SES, Search Engine Watch and ClickZ to Blenheim Chalcot.

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5. Hobo-web

Founder – Shaun Anderson

Blog type – single-author

Ahrefs Rank – 46,978

Domain Rating (DR) – 73

Average posts per month – 2

Average post length – 3,733 words

Alexa Rank – 43,757

Monthly organic visitors – 50,932

Backlinks – 22,716

Hobo Web is a blog created by Shaun Anderson. This man has more than 20 years of experience in online marketing and this can be seen by looking at the posts on this site.

Shaun puts only 2 or 3 posts a month on his site, but those posts are worth reading.

Each post has more than 5000 words, but being well structured, they are also easy to read.

6. SEMRush (https://www.semrush.com)

Founders – Dmitri Melnikov & Oleg Schegolev

Blog type – Multi-author

Ahrefs Rank – 2,343

Domain Rating (DR) – 87

Average posts per month – 28

Average post length – 2,056 words

Alexa Rank – 3,601

Monthly organic visitors – 320,044

Backlinks – 3,780,910

SEMrush is a very famous site that provides content related to SEO.

At least one article is put on this site every day. Till now this site has made almost 3000 articles.

And every article is unique and very well written.

Most popular blogs which make lots of money

Huffington Post– $41.6 million per month.

Endgadget– $3.95 million per month.

Moz– $3.74 million per month.

Perez Hilton– $3.44 million per month.

Mashable– $3.33 million per month.

CopyBlogger– $2.75 million per month.

TechCrunch– $1.87 million per month.

Tuts+– $833 thousand per month.

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