15 Best Products of 2018

Best Products Of 2018

We all have some type of gadget/product without which we don’t leave home and such gadgets mean something to us. They are part of our life and they make our daily life better. Such tech products come in many forms and types and choosing the best is kind of difficult. Such tech gadgets improve our standard of living and attach to us in a way which can’t be described.We now live in an era in which technology is developing at a rapid speed and new tech gadgets are invented daily. So I have made a list of 15 best products of 2018 which can improve the standard of our lives in a great way. Check these out.

1. Logitech POWERED Wireless Phone Charging Stand

Logitech POWERED - Best products of 2018 Charge and use your phone at the same time with this wireless charging stand. It charges iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X devices and every other Qi compatible devices. POWERED provides 7.5 W to iPhone devices and 5W to other devices. With a U shape design, it basically holds your smartphone in a secure and comfortable place and it can hold devices with a case of 3mm thickness. It supports both portrait and landscape position. You can make FaceTime calls, watch movies, read books while your phone is charging. Its rubberized surface makes it easy to hold your device in place. It is one of best products of 2018.

2. ZIISTLE Versatile Wireless Charger

ZIISTLE Versatile Wireless Next gadget on list best products of 2018 is ZISTLE. Just like Logitech, ZIISTLE wireless charger also lets you use your device while charging. It can charge every Qi compatible devices. Whether you put your device in landscape or portrait position, it will charge your device without a problem while providing you with a 60° angle to put your device and watch movies, take calls, read books etc. Its design is minimalistic but sophisticated and it is also compact and sleek. And it is available in 3 colours – grey, dark grey and red.

3. Lenovo 500 Windows Multimedia Controller

Lenovo 500 Windows Multimedia - Best products of 2018 Lenovo 500 is a minimalistic compact keyboard and mouse in one which lets you control media on your device. It makes it easy for you to navigate through your media or you can surf the web while sitting on the couch. It serves as a touchpad and makes typing easier. Six media function keys are also available for your comfort. This controller supports 3 finger gestures as well as left and right mouse buttons. Once you connect it to your device then you can easily control your media, scrolling is also easy. Its minimalistic design makes it one of the best products of 2018.





4. Moto Mods Polaroid Insta-Share Printer

Moto Mods Polaroid Insta-Share Printer This gadget allows you to capture photos, print them and stick them to wherever you like. Moto mods convert your Moto Z into an instant camera. Just long press the button on this gadget to open camera on Moto Z and short press the button to take a photo. You can modify a photo before printing. You can choose photos from your phone to print whenever you like. This printer will print 2×3 inch photos by using the included ZINK Zero Ink paper which of course does not need any ink. Then you can peel off the adhesive backs of the photos to stick them anywhere. Have fun to print your favourite moments.


DJI LINE FRIENDS Spark Drone - Best products of 2018 DJI LINE FRIENDS spark drone uses Face aware technology to lift off from your palm and hover in place simply by recognizing your face. It can fly at speed of 31 mph and can capture images or record beautiful HD videos with its 12mp camera and 2-axis gimbal. It can fly for 16 minutes and can be controlled within a 2-mile radius. With clear crisp images from the sky and its DJI GO 4 app for editing, you can really make mind-blowing footage. It is really made for having fun. Xiaomi Home, Up To 58% OFF

6. Free cube Modular Tech Command Center

Free cube Modular Tech Free cube is all in one device needed for your devices. You can charge your phone with USB, charge your devices wirelessly, enjoy music with its built-in Bluetooth speaker and there is also an integrated micro SD to store all your music. Also, there is a cube sensor light with 56 LED Lights and a big 2200mAh battery for making it last for a while without charging. It is totally portable and it is modular and stackable also so you can rearrange the components as you need. This device is all in one so it has to be one of the best products of 2018.

7. HP 590-p0050 Pavilion Desktop Computer

HP 590-p0050 Pavilion Desktop - Best products of 2018 Next gadget on the list of best products of 2018 is HP PC. Increase your performance with the HP 590-p0050 Pavilion PC. It comes with Intel Optane flash memory to let you achieve near SSD performance without losing hard drive storage space. It also has latest Hexa-Core Intel Core i5 processor which allows you to work more fastly and easily. Also, it features Intel UHD integrated graphics which really shines the display. It gives you enough power to edit photos, watch videos and do all heavy works more fastly. And it boots up in seconds. Its design is sleek and compact and its made for speed and storage.

8. HP 200 Wireless Optical Mouse

HP 200 Wireless Optical Mouse This optical mouse is specially made for those who love to create with freedom. Fully free of wires, this little mouse is designed to be used in either hand and it is very comfortable to use because of its shape. It offers wireless working by using a 2.4 GHz connection. It comes with 2 AAA batteries and designed to last. Also, it is available in silk gold which will look awesome with any type of computer. It does not require any software installation, just put in the batteries and you are ready to fully use it.

9. Samsung

Galaxy Tab S4Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Best products of 2018

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 This device comes with a full 10.5 inch AMOLED display which looks stunning while using it. It is kind of a PC in the size of a tablet, of course, you can use DEX keyboard with it to make it a fully functioning Laptop. It is compact and its design is gorgeous. It also has two powerful microphones which will let you use your S4 tab without using your hands. Google assistant will let you take calls, check notification, change the song, play movies and pretty much everything. It also comes with S Pen which does not require any charging and which helps you to write notes, magnifying images, scrolling and drawing. Also, you can choose between 64 GB storage or 256 GB storage version. Being a product with great features makes it one of the best products of 2018.

10. Presence by Netatmo – Outdoor Security Camera With People, Car and Animal Detection

Presence by Netatmo- - Best products of 2018 This security camera will make it sure that your house is safe. It will report in real time to you about the conditions outside your home. It helps in preventing break-ins and unnecessary damage to your property with its tracking and detection system which can detect car, people and animals. It is not just a camera but it is your extra eyes which will constantly check your home. You will get instant alerts whenever there is someone outside your home. Not just day but it works perfectly even in the night with its infra-red vision. You can also use the app to activate the camera’s floodlight which can help you see your home if you come late at night. Wherever you are, you will always be able to check your home.

11. Wyrex Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Wyrex Wireless Fast Charging Pad - Best products of 2018 Now, this is a unique wireless charger. It supports both iOS and Android devices and it can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. Its stand up mode lets you use your devices while they are being charged. Wyrex uses magnetic induction technology which lets it supports all Qi compatible devices. Wyrex charging pad has four fast charging coils for smartphones and two coils for smartwatch and earphone each. Other wireless chargers have 5W or 7W charging coils but it has 10W fast charging coils which means it will charge 33%faster than others. Wyrex pad turns charging routine into a comfortable process because it takes very small space and this makes it an unique and one of the best products of 2018.

12. LG HD LED Portable MiniBeam Projector

LG HD LED Portable MiniBeam - Best products of 2018 This compact, lightweight, gorgeous, portable projector display clear and detailed pictures without flickering. Minibeam offers HD resolution of up to 100 inches. With its detail maintaining ability you can clearly read texts. Its built-in battery can last for 4 hours with one charge. Minibeam’s wireless monitoring system allows you to view content on your tablet or smartphone wirelessly. You can display images, watch movies from your USB drive. Minibeam is designed to last for 30000 hours so you can enjoy movies every night for years.

13. Wunder360 S1 Multifunctional 360-Degree Camera

Wunder360 S1 - Best products of 2018 Wunder 360 is a compact, stylish, lightweight and waterproof 360-degree camera which can help you create 3d models for gaming by scanning photos and videos. It lets you create crisp and clear 360 degree videos by using AI-powered internal 360 video stitching without using any external software. Its unique technology and the AI-powered camera is perfect for easily creating stunning high-quality 3d models. It also has a feature of AI smart tracking system which lets you choose an object you want the camera to track. Additionally, it provides you with an all in one powerful cloud service platform which makes creating and sharing 3d models easier. It super smooth AI stabilization will make sure that you don’t get shaky shots. Wunder 360 comes with a charger, head mount strap, mini tripod, waterproof case and additional battery.

14. Logitech MX Master 2S Multi-Computer Control Mouse

Logitech MX Master 2S - Best products of 2018 This mouse lets you copy and paste content between two computers seamlessly. With it, you can control two computer at once. It features 4000 dpi precision sensor which means that you can use it on any surface and it will work with complete precision without any lag. Its unique design and advanced features enable you to control it and customize it. It will be ready to use in three minutes once you plug it into your computer using micro-USB cable and its battery is so much efficient that charging it fully for once will let you use it for 70 days without any wire. Its adaptive scroll wheel can automatically change from click-to-click to hyper-fast scroll. Just press the thumb wheel to scroll side to side.

15. Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier Pro

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier Pro - Best products of 2018 Last gadget on the list best products of 2018 is a gadget from Xiaomi. Whether you are in your garden or backyard or any corner of your house, you will get access to your Wi-Fi with Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi amplifier pro. This small gadget has two powerful external antennas which will increase the coverage of a standard Wi-Fi router. You will get a connection even in those areas where it is hard to get a connection. Its simple design makes it easy for everyone to use. Additionally, it can support 64 devices so that everyone in your family will get internet connections. Also, you can use the app to manage your network settings from anywhere.

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