14 Best Camping Gadgets

Hello guys, today I want to show you some of the best camping gadgets and gears which can help you in many ways while camping.

Whenever you go to camping then there are times that you forget some important things or you just can’t take some things with you because their size is large. Forgetting such things can stop you from enjoying your camping to the fullest. Sometimes you might get lost and can’t find your way or sometimes you get bitten by bugs while camping. So, today I want to show you some gadgets which can be pretty useful while camping and can increasing your enjoyment level.

1. Portable smart cooler

Portable smart cooler - Best Camping gadgets

You can’t take a freezer with you when you go for camping because that thing will take a lot of space. So, here is a portable smart cooler. There are portable cooler out there but this one is a little special. This is Infinite Versatile Smart cooler. Not just a cooler but it is also a wireless phone charger, a speaker and a blender.

If you have this with you then you can enjoy party anywhere. This all in one cooler has capacity of 61 quart, so you can store a lot of food and drinks in it. In real, it has the capacity to hold 55 water bottles. There is a chill driver too which separates your ice, drinks and food. If you want to keep your ice then you can fill the chill divider too. This cooler uses nanotechnology to keep the cooler insulated for 7 to 12 day.

There is a blender of 550-watt which can blend up to 100 drinks on a single charge. This helps you to make smoothies and cocktails while camping. Additionally, there is Hi-Fi dual powerful speakers which lets you enjoy music via Bluetooth. Led lights can help you enjoy party in the dark. And to control this cooler there is a digital screen and touch buttons which you can use. It really is one of the best camping gadgets which you can use while camping.

2. Inflatable Tent Kit

Inflatable Tent Kit - Best Camping gadgets

If you need a portable and inflatable tent kit then Heimplanet The Cave is made for you. It is made from high quality materials which make it secure and weatherproof. The special thing about it is its design and structure which lets you easily set it up and it is very stable too. You only need a pump to set this tent up. It has an inflatable frame and inner and outer tent that work together as one. It has sewn-in bags to hold your things and it offers enough space for 3 people. Additionally to provide adequate air flow in the tent it has 5 closable ventilation points.

3. Fogo Smart Multi-Purpose Flashlight

Fogo Smart Multi-Purpose  - Best Camping gadgets

This flashlight is very useful because it is also a GPS and a walkie-talkie and it can send an alert if you need any help. It is compact and waterproof flashlight with the light of 1200 lumen. It can light any dark area to a great distance. This flashlight even works in snow and any weather condition. It can also work in water up to 12 inches deep. Wherever you are, it can send an alert without needing cell service. Its battery is long-lasting and it has a USB port to charge other devices.

4. SOUL Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger

SOUL Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger - Best Camping gadgets

While camping, your power bank can go blank and you may need something which can charge your devices so, this is a very compact solar charge of military grade and it is roll able.

It is powerful, small and built to last and it comes with a ln integrated charger.and is best suited for outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. This is very light too, its weight is only 300 grams. It is very efficient and eco-friendly device. If you are walking then you can clip it to backpack and let it charge and then you can use it.

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5. Verve X Dripkit Single serve

Verve X Dripkit Single serve - Best Camping gadgets

If you need a tasty cup of coffee while camping then you can use Verve X Dripkit single serve Pourover coffee. Each kit is available for single serve and has 15 grams of freshly roasted verve coffee in pour-over brewer.

Boil some water and let it rest for 30 seconds, hold the dripkit upright , tear off the top strip and then open the brewer and align the bottom and with the lip of your cup. Now fill the dripkit to the top to allow it to drain 3 times. And now just enjoy your tasty coffee. You don’t even need to clean it afterwards.

6. Phoenix Hunting Survival Knife Set

Phoenix Hunting Survival Knife Set - Best Camping gadgetsPhoenix Hunting Survival Knife Set - Best Camping gadgets

You can take a knife with you while camping but it will only be used for cutting. But Phoenix Hunting survival knife set is more than just knife. It is a set of two knives – Phoenix Talon and Phoenix Feather. The first is also a hammer and you can also use it as a fire starter because it uses Ever spark technology. It is 0.158 inches thick and weight 7.7 ounces. It does not slip and can be easily hold. Also it is a perfect hunting knife specially made for gutting and skinning.

For camping purposes you can use Phoenix feather. It is 0.098 inches thick and weights 1.05 ounces. You can also use it as a pry or screwdriver. These are very sharp and durable because they are made of 9cr18 (HRC 61-62). They don’t even need sharpening.

7. Cuisinart Venture Portable Gas Grill

Cuisinart Venture Portable Gas Grill - Best Camping gadgets

While going on picnic or camping, if you need a grill then this is the best because it is small and it has all the features which are found in a big grill. In it, there is porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grate, a twist start ignition, a 9000 BTU stainless steel burner and a flip out rack to secure propane tank. The wooden surface on it can be used to serve food or to chop vegetables. It is lightweight and easy to take it anywhere because it has aluminium strap handle. Also, it can be used to cook food for 4 persons.

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8. ONE80 Light Peripheral LED Headlamp

ONE80 Light Peripheral LED Headlamp - Best Camping gadgets

This light provides peripheral vision. It gives wide light instead of narrow beam so it is perfect for use in tunnels. In it, there are 20 LED lights which produce 360 lumens of bright and powerful light. It can light for about 2 hours and can be charged via micro USB cable. Also, if it gets dirty then throw into washing machine and it will be good as new.

9. Hitch Hotel Expandable Wheel-Less Trailer

Hitch Hotel Expandable Wheel-Less Trailer - Best Camping gadgets

While going on camping, if you don’t want to sleep on the ground then you can take this trailer with you. When it is closed, it provides 60 cubic feet space for your belongings and it is waterproof. When it is open, it provides 135 cubic feet space in which 3 people can easily sleep. You can sit in it without hitting your head. It is bigger than a queen size bed but it is light weight. Also, it is easy to carry around because it does not have any wheels.

10. Mi- Camp One Modular easy pitch tent

Mi- Camp One Modular easy pitch tent - Best Camping gadgetsMi- Camp One Modular easy pitch tent - Best Camping gadgets

Make your camping even more enjoyable with Mi – Camp. It is easy to set up because its design is modular and inflatable. It is a perfect tent for a family. The modular design of it lets you have as much space you need. There is a layer for everything in there, from partitions to black out, from insulation to noise dampening. It has built-in connectivity also. It also has advanced ventilation system. The layers on the inside helps condensation pass through it which helps you get more relaxed. Because it is inflatable, so it is easy to deflate it and carry it with you wherever you go.

11. Chill-O-Matic automatic drink chiller

Chill-O-Matic automatic drink chiller - Best Camping gadgets

If your drinks get hot then use this because it can make your drinks as cool as ice in just one minute. It is perfect for beer cans and it cools 240 times faster than traditional freezer. It runs on 2 AA batteries. You don’t need a big cooler when this is with you. Its small size lets you carry it anywhere. The only thing it requires is a zip-sealed bag of ice.

12. Sleek First Aid flashlight

Sleek First Aid flashlight - Best Camping gadgets

If you get hurt then the first thing you need is first aid so that you can cover your area of injury. First aid is as important as food and water. So, this is the perfect medical gadget for you. It is an indestructible 9 inch long tube which carries 17 items from painkillers to aesthetics to compass to a LED flashlight. It has everything you will need in an emergency.

13. Portable wood burning camp stove

Portable wood burning camp stove - Best Camping gadgets

The perfect camp stove for camping. It is small, portable and its design is unique. What is special about it is that it not only cooks or boil water but it also converts the heat into electricity which you can use to charge all your devices and gadgets.

14. Professional Multifunctional Compass

Professional Multifunctional Compass - Best Camping gadgets

This metal military grade compass is made by VONOTO. The speciality of this compass is that it is waterproof and shake proof and it also has phosphorescent illumination so that you can see it even in dark.

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  1. I don’t like being in the dark and also having a dead cellphone battery so the Multi Purpose Flashlight and the portable solar charger were the two items that appealed to me the most. We haven’t been camping in years, but sons do this a lot. I will check out their gear and see if there is something they would still need when they go on their next adventure.

  2. Hey the inflatable tent kit is the winner for on this one . We don’t camp much but the last time I went camping I felt like was building a house they way I was struggling to set up the tent but thank you for sharing camping gadgets with us.

  3. Would love to own that inflatable tent and go camping. Well, I am just saying that because it would be my husband who’s gonna set it up. hahah I wonder what he will say?

  4. I like your list of must-haves for camping. My hubby wants to go camping…I’m not so sure about it, but he is going to love this list. I’m sure there were a few items in there that he didn’t think of.

  5. Great selection of camping gadgets. Anyone would love to have all of these. I would first put my hand on Solar scroll portable solar charger, I can’t stay alive if my phone is dead, lol. Thanks for he great list.

  6. What a great assortment of items to make camping easier. I love the cooler. And having something for coffee is a MUST! 🙂

  7. Wow, these are cool things to have during your camping days I will share this to my friends as they loved to do camping and hiking most of the time

  8. I’d totally use the solar charger any day. Although I live in Ireland so it might be a bit useless lol. He inflatable tent looks like a brilliant addition to a camping trip!

  9. Hi Ravi. Thanks for your sharing. It’s very helpful to me for packing and preparing for camping trip. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

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