Wearable Gadgets | 10 unique wearable gadgets to wear

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable technology now has become a trend or fashion. More and more inventors are building such tech which is small and can be worn. Such tech which can be worn is called wearable gadgets. With the passage of time, more and more companies are trying to insert tech into our clothes, watches, rings etc. 

Now we can buy a ring with a tiny camera inside it and such watches which keeps track of our daily routine and also monitor our health. As the time passes, new methods of making technology flexible and durable are being invented.

Electronic gadgets which can be worn are now available and they don’t just look good but also works perfectly. Today I want to show you 10 unique wearable gadgets which enhance your appearance as well as improves your performance.

These wearable gadgets are small and portable and they are smart because of the smaller size of technology, this way more amount of tech can be put in a small area. Check these out.


Sony SWR50 smartwatch 3Sony-SWR50-SmartWatch-3 - wearable gadgets

A cool smartwatch which will keep track of your fitness, how much you run, how much you walk, how much distance you covered etc. This also comes with built-in GPS and compass for making your way home easier. Also, you can sync music, social media and messages. It is one of the best wearable gadgets. Once you get home, sync it with your fitness app. Listen to your favourite music while running and don’t worry about charging it because it comes with 2-day battery life. 

T-Goal Wearable Soccer Data TrackerT-Goal Wearable Soccer Data Tracker - wearable gadgets

Wearable gadgets come in many forms and this is one of them. This gadget is made to improve your soccer skills by measuring your speed, sprints, distance and positioning while you play soccer. Just wear the sensor either on your wrist strap, shirt or calf sleeve and connect it to the app and start playing. It will tell you those areas where you need to improve to become a better player. You can also compare your performance with other players. It also keeps track of your calories, steps and distance and will show your fitness level.

REVIVE Charging Cable BraceletREVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet - wearable gadgets

With this gadget, you will never forget your charger at home. Charge your phone with REVIVE charging cable bracelet which is made of genuine leather and comfortable to wear. Wear this waterproof bracelet around your wrist and you are good to go. This wearable gadget is connected by magnetic clasps with an option of choosing one of three colours- black, silver and gold plating. Also, it has 3 connector options which are micro USB, USB-C and Lightning. It also comes in multiple sizes from small to extra large to make sure it fits every wrist.

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Kai Gesture Based Gaming ControllerKai Gesture Based Gaming Controller - wearable gadgets

Kai fits perfectly into your palm giving you the ability to control your computer with a hand gesture. You can control every app or software with it. Edit photos, videos, swipe, zoom, pinch, scroll images with just your hand. You can also play games and design 3d models easily with it. Also, You can fully customize it and choose which gesture will perform what action. Pair it easily with any device or app through Bluetooth. Additionally, You can even connect it to android VR headset or drone and you can also use your mouse and keyboard and kai seamlessly because it fits in your palm very comfortably. It surely is one of the best gaming wearable gadgets.

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Varjo Bionic Display VR HeadsetVarjo Bionic Display VR Headset - wearable gadgets

Varjo VR headset comes with a bionic display which means that you can see the virtual world as clear as you see the real world. The bionic display focuses on a small portion of a big picture just like our eyes. It tracks your eyes in real time, giving you a perfectly accurate image. Your focus will lie on what is in front of your eyes. It is still in beta prototype phase but it will soon be available to all.

ONNE Stylish Minimalist Smartwatch    ONNE Stylish Minimalist Smartwatch - wearable gadgets

This stunning watch display time not with pointers but by using three concentric circular gradients which display seconds, minutes and hours. It uses stunning always on AMOLED display to show you time in an innovative and peaceful way. Onne gives you one day of usage with only 45 minutes charging. It is light weighing only 56 grams and comfortable to wear all day and it comes in 3 colours- black, light grey and off-white.

Flow Air Quality WearableFlow Air Quality Wearable - wearable gadgets

This cool wearable gadget lets you measure the air quality. With a unique and powerful air sensor, it can measure dust, harmful gases, household chemicals and exhaust fumes. You can see this data and also it will be sent to the Plume Labs which will produce a real-time pollution map. This device is affordable, comes with a sleek graphite colour with an elegant shape and leather strap. Flow will also show you pollution heavy areas so that you can go through less polluted areas to improve your health.

Morpher Flat Folding Bicycle HelmetMorpher Flat Folding Bicycle - wearable gadgets

Morpher as the name suggests a morph. This bike helmet can be folded so you can pack it in a bag. This wearable gadget is lightweight but as strong as rigid helmets. Also, it comes in different colours like black, red, silver, white etc. It folds into a much smaller size so it is portable and it is also eco-friendly because it made from recyclable components. It fits teens as well as adults and it fits heads with a circumference between 52 to 58cm. So if you want a lightweight and portable helmet which can protect your head then give morpher a try.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Wearable Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Wearable  - wearable gadgets

Mi band 3 is an upgraded version of mi band 2. It counts your steps, measures the distance covered, measures your heart rate and can answer calls. It has a 0.78 inch OLED display to show your heart rate clearly by offering 128×80 pixel resolution. The battery is twice as big as Mi Band 2, 110 mAh, and last for 20 days in one charge. You can change the straps of different colours to match your look or to look stylish. Mi Band 3 also comes with an NFC chip, although its a different version than regular but can help you pay wirelessly.

Tokyo flash Japan Radar LED Watch

Tokyoflash Japan Radar LED Watch - wearable gadgets

Tokyoflash Japan Radar LED Watch - wearable gadgets

One of the best wearable gadgets that shows time in a unique way. See the time on radar watch. It is a unique and futuristic watch with a stainless steel body and shows time on a radar screen. There is a coloured silkscreen on the mineral crystal lens which provides degree number markings and radar screen crosshairs. When you push the button on the upper side then a digital tube LED light beam shows the display. In the turning mode, the light beams rotate around the screen and highlight 3 points which show hour, minutes and seconds.

Radar watch comes in green and blue display options and you can choose between fully customizable stainless steel or leather or nylon wristband. With only 3.5 hours of charge, it can display time to you for a full month.

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